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With the Cowboys having begun negotiations with both Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, they appear to be ahead of Ezekiel Elliott in the team’s extension hierarchy. Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones confirmed as much this week.

During an appearance on Pro Football Talk Live (via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), Jones said the Cowboys would like to have Prescott and Cooper extended before the season because it is “the right thing to do.” However, no timeline exists for Elliott, despite his superior production compared to his aforementioned teammates.

He’s the straw, if you will, that stirs our drink. He’s a key part of what we’re about,” Jones said. “Certainly, he’s a priority in terms of ultimately getting him signed. But there hasn’t really been a timetable put on this.”

At this point, Elliott has no holdout plans, Hill adds. This was rumored to be a possibility going into Dallas’ offseason program. But it is somewhat safe to assume that stance could change, depending on how talks unfold — if they unfold — this offseason. Elliott’s fifth-year option has him under Cowboys control through 2020.

Jones said at the Combine that Todd Gurley‘s four-year, $57.5MM deal will likely be the starting point for Elliott. He reiterated that position this week. Gurley, David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell changed the running back marketplace. After no running back was attached to an eight-figure-per-year salary a year ago, Gurley, Johnson and Bell now each make north of $13MM per year. That provides a better road map for Elliott. However, Gurley now faces uncertainty because of a knee injury and Johnson is coming off the worst season (from a per-touch standpoint).

Elliott has accumulated far more touches through three years (1,003) than either Gurley or Johnson, but mileage probably isn’t a concern yet regarding the 23-year-old back. But it’s not certain Zeke will have a new deal in place by Week 1. That would take this situation to a more interesting place, especially if both Prescott and Cooper are signed by then.

The Cowboys have been reported as being unlikely to enter Russell Wilson financial territory for Prescott, and while Cooper’s price point is not known, it would be a bit of a surprise if the inconsistent wideout eclipsed Antonio Brown‘s deal. But it’s clear the Cowboys want these talents taken care of early. They would follow DeMarcus Lawrence in being extended. Elliott, Byron Jones and Jaylon Smith remain as young Cowboys eligible for new deals, however.

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15 comments on “Latest On Cowboys, Elliott, Prescott, Cooper

    • PeterDipersio

      I agree. I don’t think Dak is a fit for that offense. The cowboys need a pocket passer presence back there like they had with Aikman.

  1. How can the cowboys justify paying Prescott near or as much as Russell Wilson? Those quarterbacks are light years different in terms of on field talent. And Wilson has won a super bowl.

    • Breezy

      “The Cowboys have been reported as being unlikely to enter Russell Wilson financial territory for Prescott”

    • GeauxRangers

      I don’t think Russell Wilson was regraded as a great QB when he signed his first deal honestly. He was just a winner much like Dak.

      • Wilson had already won a super bowl and went to another, prior to the first extension. Dak would struggle without Elliott, an elite offensive line and good pass catchers. We have already seen that. Wilson has not had nearly the same issues that Dak has had without his supporting cast. All things being equal, I would rather move on from Dak than sign him to a $20+ MM AAV contract.

        • bravesfan88

          I have to agree, I wouldn’t extend Dak before the season. Obviously I’m not, but if I had to make that decision, I’m not giving Dak a new deal until he shows me he truly deserves top 10 QB money.

          Dak has got to show more progress during camp and during the early portion of the season, before I’d even consider making him my teams QB moving forward..

          JB19 was spot on with the point he brought up mentioning Dak’s supporting cast. The guy is working with one of the best offensive lines in the league, he has a top 5 running back and weapon out of the backfield, he has a quality group of WRs, and for the most part, he’s also had one of the most sure-handed and reliable security blankets the NFL has to offer in Witten…

          There are several Quarterbacks that are doing a good but more than Dak with a substantially less talented supporting cast.

          For me, it’s a make or break year for Dak, and if he doesn’t show any improvements, then I’m trading him to whichever sucker team thall give me a 1st rounder next off-season..After that, use either their own 1st rounder, their acquired 1st rounder, or combine them both and trade up to get a real franchise QB in either Tua, Fromm, or Herbert..

          Then, you free up a good portion of cap space still having your QB on his rookie deal for the next 4 years, and you will be able to continue to develop and add to their young and upcoming defense…

          Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t trust Dak..Now, if he proves me wrong and comes out and balls for the ‘Boys then I’ll admit I was wrong…Although, I just don’t see it happening…

  2. of9376

    Elliot is expendable in my opinion. I don’t think his body will hold up as well. Gurley has issues with his nagging knee injury. I would rather them get Cooper, Dak, Byron and Jaylon extended first .

    • Ronk325

      While I would normally agree that paying big buck to RB’s is a bad idea Zeke is in a unique position. He’s far and away the most talented player on that team and without him the Cowboys offense would be bottom 10. They need Zeke more than he needs them and he will have all the leverage in contract negotiations

      • ncbrave

        Agreed plus no injury history. He’s a different breed as far as modern running backs go. The only blemish on Zeke is the unjustified suspension That was put on him to make the owner mad for trying to get him fired.

        • Ronk325

          Ironically that suspension may have helped Zeke in the long run though. Seeing how bad the Cowboys offense looked without him in those 6 weeks only further shows how vital he is to that team

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