Latest On Jets’ Star Players, GM Search

Rich Cimini of passes along a number of interesting notes about the Jets this morning, including a few thoughts and reports on the futures of certain key players and the team’s hunt for a new GM.

For instance, Cimini reports that there is already speculation in league circles that head coach/interim GM Adam Gase is looking to move on from defensive lineman Leonard Williams. That does not mean that Gase wants to trade or cut Williams in 2019, but it sounds as though the new regime would be perfectly willing to allow Williams to sign elsewhere when he becomes a free agent at the end of the year. Cimini suggests that the club could franchise tag Williams or execute a tag-and-trade, but a long-term deal with the Jets does not seem likely at this point.

With respect to Le’Veon Bell, whose signing was a factor in the deteriorating relationship between Gase and former GM Mike Maccagnan, Cimini says it would not be surprising to see the Jets trade Bell after the 2019 season. If they cannot find a trade partner, then Bell can easily be cut after the 2020 season, when all of his guaranteed money will have been paid.

Robby Anderson‘s future with the club is more straightforward. Gase appreciates Anderson’s talent, and if the big-play wideout has a strong 2019, he could be back with Gang Green on a multi-year pact. If he disappoints, he will be gone.

And as far as the club’s GM search is concerned, Cimini says that the rumors connecting Peyton Manning to the job have no substance and that Manning is not on the Jets’ radar at the moment (which jibes with a report from yesterday). Cimini also hears that Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas remains the odds-on favorite for the job. Douglas has been billed as the front-runner since Maccagnan was fired.

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14 comments on “Latest On Jets’ Star Players, GM Search

  1. acarneglia

    It’s really simple now that the old GM is gone. Gase wants his players and people associated with the team

  2. jericho1

    The jets are the laughing stock of the NFL..I’m not saying this to be mean,I.m basing this off so many of their idiotic decisions.

  3. vinman66

    Is this guy Gase trying to help or screw this team, it seems to me he came in to try to destroy this team, in whatever little hope they have.

    • padam

      He’s probably still on the Miami payroll, which would make sense of all of this. No one can be this big of an idiot…right?

  4. metnoxious

    Interpretation: If Leonard Williams and Leveon Bell perform well they’ll be back. If not they’re gone. As far as the GM goes no one knows yet who will get the job.

    More pertinent is that if the Jets underperform Gase is long gone.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    William is the kind of steady blue collar player that every coach wants to have. He’s never on the drama radar and is a team first guy. That Gase would want to rid himself of this player indicates he is way over his head taking on GM responsibilities.

  6. connfyoozed

    Gase seems like he’s trying to become the most hated coach in NFL history. He’s done nothing to merit being given personnel control of a team. Every idea of his seems like it was created to alienate as many players, reporters and fans as possible. If he is seriously already thinking about moving on from Leonard Williams then he is an absolute fool.

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