Dion Jordan Banned For 10 Games

This won’t help defensive end Dion Jordan in his bid to find a new NFL home. On Tuesday, the NFL suspended the Seahawks free agent for ten games after a PED violation (Twitter link via Tom Pelissero of NFL.com). 

Jordan entered the league with the Dolphins as the No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 draft. Unfortunately, he did not live up to his draft billing – he was only a part-timer in his first two seasons and managed just three sacks in total. Then, his 2015 season was wiped out due to a year-long suspension for diluting his drug test sample.

This time around, Jordan will serve a ten-game ban for taking Adderall after his therapeutic use exemption (TUE) had already expired.

I made a mistake,” Jordan told Pelissero. “I feel like the person that I am, I’m ready to move forward, I’ve been ready to move forward, with this specific issue. I’ve been working really hard with myself outside of football, and I can see the progress as a young man, as Dion Jordan, I can see it. My whole lifestyle — it’s been a 180-degree change. I f–ked up, man. I can’t fix this [expletive]. It is what it is. But I know what I can’t do and what not to do compared to the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

Jordan spent the last two seasons with the Seahawks, but he is out of contract and it is not clear whether the Seahawks have any interest in a reunion. For what it’s worth, Jordan says he’s sober and his agent insists that he is on the right path.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Dion Jordan Banned For 10 Games

  1. jorge78

    That seems kind of harsh for a paperwork error involving a medical treatment…..

    • connfyoozed

      This isn’t Jordan’s first PED violation, that’s why it’s 10 games. He served a 4 game suspension a few seasons ago, and I think that occasion wasn’t his first violation either.

    • Polish Hammer

      “Another reason for Adderall’s appeal in the NFL: Because NFL drug policy doesn’t allow the league to say which drug caused a player to fail a test, players can publicly report using Adderall to cover-up for other, more frowned-upon performance enhancers.”

  2. kevin

    I don’t believe it was a mistake . he’s had too many “mistakes” he’s been banned before and it doesn’t seem likes he’s learned anything from past experiences that he should have . in my opinion he should be banned for a full season .

    • Polish Hammer

      And how many adult civilians take these juvenile meds that these athletes get exemptions for?

      • Polish Hammer

        ““It masks fatigue, masks pain, increases arousal — like being in The Zone,” begins Wadler, currently an associate professor of medicine at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, in a phone interview.

        “It increases alertness, aggressiveness, attention and concentration. It improves reaction time, especially when fatigued. Some think it enhances hand-eye coordination. Some believe it increases the mental aspects of performance.”

        That’s not to mention possible increases in acceleration, speed, strength and power that accrue to Adderall users. It’s no wonder that Wadler calls Adderall “one of the quintessential performance-enhancing drugs. There’s no question it’s a performance-enhancing drug.”

        Adderall has been banned by virtually every sports organization, from the NCAA to MLB to the NFL. But the NFL, like other sports, allows players who have a medical need for the drug to use it without penalty, after they have applied for and been granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption.

        The NFL doesn’t disclose the number of therapeutic exemptions issued, but MLB in 2011 granted 105. Such numbers were an eye-opener to Wadler.

        “I’m an internist, and I see lots of patients,” he said. “I can count on one hand the number I’ve seen over the years who had (ADHD) to such a degree that they required medicine.”

        He says that ADHD has become “the diagnosis du jour in our society”

        • brucewayne

          It doesn’t work quite like you think. It definitely doesn’t block pain. I took it 3 times a day for years

          • brucewayne

            and it didn’t help for my pain. Also, you say it’s banned in MLB , but they do give exemptions and there are a lot of players getting them still!

            • Polish Hammer

              Read again, I didn’t say anything, I posted an excerpt from an article and they clearly says it’s banned but they provide exemptions and gave 105 to grown men taking juvenile meds in 2011.

  3. Firstly, you’re a professional football player with a PED violation history – keeping your paperwork in line for what you are taking, is absolutely basic stuff. Secondly, I wouldn’t be shocked if it were more than Adderall – Jordan can claim its anything, and the NFL can’t publicly dispute it.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Roger Goodell considers Dion Jordan to be “the gift that keeps on giving”. According to Spotrac the total fines accessed against Jordan is just a tic short of 7MM.

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