Vikings Offer Extension To Kyle Rudolph

The Vikings have offered a five-year extension to Kyle Rudolph that would make him one of the highest paid tight ends in terms of new-money average, a source tells PFT’s Mike Florio. However, there has not been much progress in talks. 

The proposed extension would likely reduce Rudolph’s $7.625MM cap number for 2019, but the veteran says there is “no way” he will take a pay cut. At the same time, Rudolph says he wants to stay with the Vikings.

The Vikings apparently want to keep Rudolph, though they have insurance after selecting Irv Smith Jr. in the second round of last month’s draft. Ideally, they’d like to have both of the well-rounded tight ends in the fold.

Last year, Rudolph had 64 receptions for 634 yards and four touchdowns. Even though many tight end needs around the league have been addressed, Rudolph would still find a strong market if released by Minnesota.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Vikings Offer Extension To Kyle Rudolph

  1. brewcrewbernie

    So they want him to take a pay cut and then offer him a new contract to be one of the highest paid tight ends? Why? To lessen his cap hit this year since they’re up against it due to the terrible Captain Kirk contract.

    • Crycket

      “Terrible captain Kirk contract”.

      Meanwhile, QBs are getting paid more than Kirk now and his deal looks normal, but whatever.

      • Miklo916

        The players that sign those contracts deserve them. Kirk doesn’t he hasn’t show anything that changes that either

        • myaccount

          Andy Dalton? Alex Smith? Matt Ryan? Soon to be Prescott?

          All massively overvalued.

        • Crycket

          Hate to be the one to point this out, but Wilson hasn’t done a damn thing since his defense fell apart. What makes him deserving of that contract? The D carrying him to a SB like Flacco? Or that INT he threw to lose the SB against New England?

          • Matthew Heywood

            Still making it to the playoffs something Captain Kirk couldn’t do with a better team even you admit to that

            • Crycket

              Better team? I dont know if you watch football, but on paper, yes his team was better. But the defense sucked both at the start and the end of the season, and he played behind the worst offensive line in the league. None of that is Kirk’s fault. Learn football.

              • Matthew Heywood

                You said Seattle’s defense isn’t any good anymore or did you forget what you post?
                If you want to talk about bad offensive lines Seattle’s has been the worst for years now.
                Finally injuries Baldwin the one good wr in Seattle got so hurt he had to retire.
                You want to try again

      • brewcrewbernie

        By average annual value he’s the 5th highest paid QB. He’s nowhere near a top 5 QB. So yes, terrible contract.

    • Crycket

      “Terrible captain Kirk contract”.

      Meanwhile, QBs are getting paid more than Kirk now and his deal looks normal, but whatever.

  2. Wade Herbers

    2018 Vikings OL was the worst I’ve ever seen in following them for 40 years. NO one on that OLIne should feel safe about their job.

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