AFC Notes: Hill, Chiefs, Texans, Jets

We got a major development in the Tyreek Hill case yesterday, when it was reported there was no “active investigation” into the Chiefs receiver by law enforcement. It appears that the leaked audio of Hill threatening his fiance wasn’t enough to reopen the case. With the prospect of criminal prosecution looking increasingly unlikely, Mike Florio of argues that the league needs to take over the investigation. Florio writes that “signs are emerging that the NFL” plans to “not-so-subtly brush this one under the rug.”

Florio writes that whether Hill is prosecuted or not shouldn’t matter in terms of a potential suspension, saying that the “NFL has created a clear precedent that cries out for action, given aggressively zealous investigations and suspensions of players like Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.” It’s a fair point, as Elliott was suspended for six games despite prosecutors declining to press charges. Florio doesn’t sound too optimistic about the league pursuing this further, noting the “league at a minimum is floating a trial balloon regarding the possibility that no action of any kind will be taken.” It’ll be very interesting to see what steps Roger Goodell takes next, and how it effects the Chiefs.

Here’s more from around the AFC:

  • DeAndre Hopkins was clearly banged up at times last season, but the severity wasn’t clear. Speaking to the media on Saturday, the Texans receiver made it clear just how hurt he was, per John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s the most banged up I’ve ever been playing football. I was dealing with serious injuries a lot of people would have sat down for,” Hopkins said. “I tore ligaments in my shoulder completely off the bone,” during the team’s playoff loss to the Colts, he revealed. “I tried to play even though I had only one arm.” Hopkins is a true warrior, and he’s only missed one game since entering the league in 2013. McClain writes that the Texans’ best player “has been rehabbing during the offseason program and expects to be ready for training camp.” What Hopkins is describing is pretty significant, so hopefully it doesn’t effect him moving forward.
  • Marcus Maye was the 39th overall pick of the 2017 draft, and he started all 16 games for the Jets as a rookie. Last season was a disappointment though, as he only managed to appear in six games as he dealt with various injuries. He landed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury in December, and he’s still “dealing with the lingering effects” of that injury now, per Ethan Sears of the New York Post. Sears writes that Adam Gase has said they hope to have Maye fully cleared for training camp. Hopefully Maye won’t be rusty, as New York will be counting on him to play a big role.
  • In case you missed it, the Jets reunited with running back Bilal Powell yesterday.
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13 comments on “AFC Notes: Hill, Chiefs, Texans, Jets

  1. DarkSide830

    if the league is to prosecute anyone who hasnt been charged, its hill. i dont think they should ever take “justice” into their owm hands, but if they did to zeke, they better do so with hill, or formally apologize to zeke.

  2. jonnyzuck

    I wonder how much impact an injury like Maye’s has considering it makes it tough to fully work out in the off-season

  3. crosseyedlemon

    How about an investigation to see if Florio actually has any journalistic qualifications?

  4. JJB0811

    If the league declines punishment on Hill, then I’d love to see the players who have been exonerated by the court(s), but still fined by the NFL to sue the league.

      • JJB0811

        Want to bet if you were found not guilty, but still fined by your employer, you be a little upset? Then when a similar situation occurred, the next person was found not guilty and not fined by the same employer, you wouldn’t care about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars?

          • JJB0811

            From the article “It’s a fair point, as Elliott was suspended for six games despite prosecutors declining to press charges.” So if EE wasn’t charged in court, why should he be punished?

  5. rkmarx

    The Chiefs are a threat to the Patriots. Why would Goodell weaken that threat? He was forced to do so with Hunts video.

  6. Guest617

    Ezekiel Elliott never received punishment to exposing a women’s breast during st patrick’s day parade. roger goofdell is the worst

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