Cowboys Notes: Prescott, Cooper, Elliott

Scheduled to earn $2.025MM in 2019, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott stands as one of the best values in the entire NFL. But, without the fifth-year option at the Cowboys’ disposal, they’ll have to pay a hefty sum to lock down the former fourth-round pick.

Dan Graziano of looked at Prescott’s case for a new deal and concluded that he could push to make more than Eagles QB Carson Wentz, who just re-upped on a new contract worth $32MM/year. In fact, he hears the Cowboys have been studying Wentz’s contract to see how it may impact negotiations with Prescott and he believes that it will serve as the main comp for talks.

It’s tricky to compare the two quarterbacks, but the tale of the tape does show some advantages in Prescott’s corner. Prescott has more career wins and division titles than Wentz, so it’s possible that the soon-to-be 26-year-old could wind up as the latest member of the $30MM/year club and the highest-paid QB in the NFC East.

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10 comments on “Cowboys Notes: Prescott, Cooper, Elliott

  1. xpackyank

    I feel like it might be smarter to let Elliot walk. Yeah he’s talented but also somewhat of a head case and RBs have a short shelf life. With a strong Dallas oline they don’t need to overpay a RB

    • jochilz

      Sure some RBs have short shelf life, he’s not really a headcase either, just a little brash.

      But he’s the best back in the league, leads rushing even with the 6 game suspension that shoulda never happened. He for sure deserves the contract, but you’re probably right I don’t see the Boys prioritizing him, but you can’t just replace him, it’s not Murray

      • xpackyank

        Yeah good call he’s definitely a few steps above Murray and a hell of a player but I just don’t see too many teams splurging was on RBs. Call it my Todd Gurley fears

      • of9376

        I agree in part. He is an amazing talent and arguable the best back in the league. With that being said, he is putting tons of miles on the tires and could decline faster due to his size and inability to keep weight off in the off season. My take is that Jerry let’s it play out until year 5 before any talks of an extension happen.

  2. Paul1989

    Pay Dak and Dunk over 30 million a year, if that happens Jerry should be forced into retirement. That would possibly be the worst of many, many questionable decisions he’s made. Report that Florio!

    • qbert1996

      That’s why he averaged more yards per throw the Wentz right? Dak 33 wins in his first 3 seasons including the playoffs. 2 time probowler and was the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. Never missed a start despite being a mobile quarterback. I could go on but the facts are probaly lost on you because you just blindly hate him

      • Paul1989

        Wentz hasn’t won anything either, so neither is worth anything close to 30 mil a year. And I don’t hate him he’s an average QB with a great running game. Take the running game away and he won’t be close to what he thinks he is.

      • Yep it is

        Alex Smith broke leg and all would have those numbers behind that line and with the offensive weapons. Dak is average at best.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    “It’s tricky to compare the two quarterbacks”

    Prescott’s top 9 passing efforts have all resulted in Cowboy wins. Wentz’s top 9 passing efforts have all resulted in Eagle losses. Where does the tricky part come in?

  4. Signing Dak to a huge, long term deal would be asinine and set the Cowboys back for years to come.

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