Reich Lobbies Against Jacoby Brissett Trade

Add Frank Reich to the list of Colts decision-makers that do not want Jacoby Brissett to be traded. One of the NFL’s top backups, Brissett is entering a contract year and may be an interesting trade chip for the contending team.

But in 2018, Jim Irsay said they would not trade their backup quarterback for a first-round pick. The Seahawks’ offer of a second-rounder was reportedly insufficient, though a report this year indicated the Colts may be softening their stanceChris Ballard said in January that Brissett was a future NFL starter. Despite Brissett’s potential 2020 free agency defection, Reich wants to keep Andrew Luck‘s backup.

I tell Chris all the time, ‘Please don’t let him go. I don’t care what anybody offers him. Don’t let him go,'” Reich said, via Kevin Bowen of “I love Jacoby. The problem is now I’ve gotten to know Jacoby and, at some point, I hope that it works out for Jacoby. But not now.”

Reich is in a unique position to understand Brissett’s status, having spent most of his career as a backup quarterback. Last season, the Colts understandably needed more insurance than many teams because of Luck having missed all of 2017. But Luck started all 16 games and looks to have recovered from the shoulder malady that threw his career off axis. A former Patriots third-rounder, Brissett ended his 2017 starter season with the No. 29 QBR figure and threw for just 13 touchdown passes in 16 games. But the former North Carolina State prospect has generated some intrigue around the league.

It’s impossible for me to have a higher opinion of Jacoby than I do,” Reich said. “I said it last year; I think he’s a top-20 quarterback. I still say that. After watching him for a year, this guy’s really good.”

As of now, some future Hall of Fame quarterbacks stand to be 2020 free agents. But the prospect of Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Philip Rivers leaving their current teams seems incredibly remote. Ditto for Dak Prescott. The true market may include the likes of Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum and Ryan Tannehill, with the situations of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota (both set to play on fifth-year options) being ones to monitor. Brissett may factor into this mix, but to have a chance to start again, he will obviously have to prepare to leave Indianapolis.

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9 comments on “Reich Lobbies Against Jacoby Brissett Trade

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Well obviously nobody in the Colts FO has to submit to drug tests. Jacoby was a Patriots third round pick but because he has a career win record of 5-12 he is now worth a first round pick…lol. His career passer rating is even worst than that of Mike Glennon.

    • Luck of Irish

      It really doesn’t matter where Jacoby was originally drafted. You know what – Tom Brady was originally drafted in the sixth round (and no, I am not saying Jacoby is Tom Brady 2.0). QB needy teams will sometimes make desperate moves. The Texans were willing to give up a high 2014 second round draft pick (the first pick of the second round – Pick #33) for QB Brian Hoyer. Prior to that year, Hoyer had been a career back-up and had worse stats that Jacoby. In the end, CLEVELAND nixed the deal, however.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Teams certainly make desperate moves (Vikings grabbing Bradford a week before the season started because Bridgewater was injured comes to mind). That doesn’t mean those moves were good value though.

  2. swany

    Is saying he is top 20 impressive? 32 starters at the beginning of the season. Top 5 or 10 but 20?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Frank was just a 20 something kinda QB when he was a backup in Buffalo so he is probably using that as his reference point.

  3. goldenmisfit

    This really makes no sense to me. As a head coach you love the guy you think in your own words he is a top 20 quarterback but you have no intentions of ever playing him unless your franchise quarterback goes down. Why would you not want to deal the guy in the last year of his contract for a high draft pick? Really does not make any sense especially when you’re starting quarterback has proven he is now healthy. Jacoby would be out of his mind if he resigns with Indianapolis in the off-season if his market is this high.

    • BAINES03

      Or it’s simply posturing to talk his guy up and get as much as possible in a trade.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Bingo. It seems they beat the drum for this guy every six months and still can’t anyone to bite.

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