Jalen Ramsey: No Discount For Jaguars

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been vocal about his desire for a contract extension for quite some time. He’s still after a long-term deal, but this time around, he says he won’t be willing to give the Jaguars any sort of hometown discount. In a chat with teammate Leonard Fournette on Instagram (video link), Ramsey gave some insight into his future negotiating position. 

Next year, especially after I ball, they’re going to come to me ‘Hey, you know, we want to holler at you,” Ramsey said as he shook his head. “That number is going to be so ungodly.…They’re going to say, ‘Oh god, can’t we get a little discount, 20% off?I’m going to tell them last year you could have gotten that discount. This year, I’m going to need all of that.

The Jaguars exercised Ramsey’s fifth-year option, locking him down through the 2020 season. After that, the Jaguars could theoretically keep him from free agency with the franchise tag, but it would be costly, and there’s no guarantee that Ramsey would cooperate.

Recently, Ramsey said the Jaguars told him that he won’t be receiving an extension offer this year. When the two sides eventually sit down to talk business, the Jaguars might not like what they hear.

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9 comments on “Jalen Ramsey: No Discount For Jaguars

  1. highplainsdriftr

    I’m all for players getting paid. But there’s a way to go about it. Doubt he’s back in Jacksonville on this deal he is dreaming up

  2. bowserhound

    I read between the lines; He’s going to get paid from another team since the Jags let him get into a contract year. They had their chance, and Tom Coughlin’s quest to have a conservative football team is the reason he will be gone soon.

  3. Rondon

    He’s gonna keep running his mouth right out of the deal he thinks he deserves.

      • Rondon

        Knows, thinks, doesn’t matter. He’s an I burger with me sauce and will end up being happy to get whatever he can get cause it’s all about him, not team.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    “Next year, especially after I ball, they’re going to come to me ‘Hey, you know, we want to holler at you,”

    Hopefully that 20% Ramsey saves will be invested in some proper English language lessons.

    • Phattey

      the sentence dost make sense, prithee was this the language thou art searching for?

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