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The Tyreek Hill investigation will take a major step forward on Wednesday. The Chiefs’ wide receiver will meet with NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel on Wednesday, according to Mike Florio of PFT

The NFL-Hill meeting has been in the works for some time, with word coming on Monday that the sit-down would occur sometime this week. Florio hears that there is expected to be just one interview of the wide receiver, though he’ll have to travel to New York to meet with Roger Goodell if the league determines that punishment is warranted.

Given the child abuse accusations levied against Hill and the damning audio that seems to support those accusations, it seems likely that Hill will be suspended and fined by the NFL. At this point, the only question may be whether Hill will be able to take the field at all in 2019.

Hill has been accused of hurting his three-year-old son, which is especially disturbing given his history of domestic violence against partner Crystal Espinal. While in college, Hill pleaded guilty to choking and beating Espinal, who was pregnant at the time.

Hill did not serve jail time for that incident in college and prosecutors have declined to pursue charges in connection with the alleged abuse of his son. Still, the NFL’s personal conduct policy allows for punishment even when the courts do not bring charges, and it also allows for pre-NFL events to be taken into consideration.

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33 comments on “Latest On Chiefs, Tyreek Hill

  1. bonajim23

    If the Chiefs do not release him outright I will lose all respect for anyone who roots for them! This is a disgusting case, the audio is horrendous and he already has a history of domestic abuse. Take a stand Chief fans and say enough is enough!

    • Ironman_4life

      So because of something that has zero effect on you you’ll lose respect for millions of people? I bet if he signed with your favorite team you would be on the bandwagon how he’s taking you to the promised land.

      • bonajim23

        It had a major effect on the little innocent boy, didn’t it? And it had a major effect on that battered spouse, didn’t it? It is time fans took a stand and said we are not going to tolerate teams that sign players who beat women and children. The Chiefs have had two such players in the last year, when is it enough Chief fans???

        • Ironman_4life

          Im gonna take a stand. Unless theres video proof of him doing what hes accused of , im gonna root for him as a player. I think the Chiefs learned a lesson with the Kareem hunt situation. And if you have any proof that he did it then you should contact the Overland Park Police Department and share your information

          • I agree 100% Ironman! There isn’t ANY proof that he did anything. If there was, the police wouldn’t of ended the case against him! And it could be that the “battered spouse” is the one that hurt the boy. Despite what some people want to believe, there are a lot of women that abuse kids as well!!!

            • Steven Juris

              He is on tape threatening her. On tape with his actual voice. Can’t back out of it either. When your GM knowingly and willingly draft players who have a proven record then your team should lose that player and lose draft picks.

              • Polish Hammer

                That GM is now in Cleveland so he’s just waiting for this one to get cut and claim him too.

          • bonajim23

            You have the man’s voice on audio tape threatening the same woman he abused several years earlier! You have him telling this same woman that his little boy should indeed be scared of him! What more proof do you need! I am amazed that people can rationalize away a man who beats on women and children. It is totally disgusting…

        • bencole

          I have no problem with teams signing players that beat women and children. Not to say it’s ok, but what happens at home has no business in the workplace as far as I’m concerned.

          • Steven Juris

            That’s pretty much saying it’s perfectly okay for them to do it. He belongs in jail due to his previous issue with the same chick.

    • warwhatisitgoodfor

      Can’t wait til he carries my fantasy team to the promised land with that second half infusion

  2. fieldsj2

    What’s even more pathetic is some team will probably pick him up immediately.

    • khopper10

      And that team will probably be the Browns. But since they have Baker people seem to not care that they snapped up Hunt so quickly after the Chiefs did the “right thing.”

    • Ironman_4life

      And when it’s your team you’re going to be jumping on his bandwagon

  3. greg7274

    The hawt taeks on this story by the people not closely following it are getting to be borderline amusing. Now they are apparently letting them write posts for Trade Rumors.
    Just a quick google search, people, for coverage by media actually IN the kansas city area (not kctv5) would open your eyes somewhat.

    • highplainsdriftr

      lol. Heartlanders. If the media reports something you don’t like it’s ‘fake news’- but if you like it, it’s the whole and absolute truth. Enjoy sacrificing your morals to root for a trash bag of a human being

      • greg7274

        I wasnt saying anything was fake news. If anything its old news, that lazy national reporters keep rehashing as though it’s the current state of affairs in the case.
        …and then nearsighted patriot, bronco, raider and chargers fans eat it up because it’s what they want to hear again, and they think that hippie girl in their gender studies class at Derp Community College will read their SJW wisdom and fall in love with such an enlightened man.
        Just try what I suggested in my original post, and see what comes back… incredibly good chance Espinal is the only guilty party here and Hill is free to go.
        …or bury your head in the sand and spout nonsense from time to time.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Ryan Pace seemed to be ticked off that Nagy did an end run around him and contacted Hunt. Virginia McCaskey would certainly not allow any alleged abuser of women or children to join the Bears.

      • bencole

        Eh, you may be right. But I certainly hope they do. He’s a damn good playmaker the Bears could use. We’ll see if he’s suspended too. Certainly possible, but there’s a lot about this situation we don’t know.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I would expect Goodell to hand out some kind of suspension if only to protect himself from a huge public backlash.

  4. washington_bonercats

    Man I feel bad for Patty. I’m waiting for a Kelce to get a DUI or something and just watch that entire Chiefs offense fade away. They were the scariest offense in the league and now who knows what they’ll be

  5. BuckarooBanzai

    AP got a season
    Zeke got 6 games
    Hunt got 8 games
    … not looking good for Hill

    btw: there are no surprises in the NFL because they know everything that happened during players’ college days; most, if not all, look the other way if the player is a rare talent and says/does the right mea culpas publicly

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well, the problem is that Goodell or some owner saying “Hill has made the proper mea culpas” isn’t going to be of much consolation to the public, if later on his son is found dead.

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