Chargers Won’t Budge In Melvin Gordon Talks

The Chargers’ aren’t budging in talks with Melvin Gordon. Barring a change in his camp’s expectations, an extension isn’t coming soon for the running back, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports (on Twitter) hears. 

Gordon has threatened to hold out, but the Bolts appear willing to call his bluff. The Bolts aren’t shaken, probably because Gordon would sacrifice roughly $330K per week by missing games, representing 1/17th of his $5.6MM salary. He also wouldn’t unshackle himself from the Chargers by skipping the whole year – the Chargers could still hit him with the franchise tag in 2020 if he sits out.

The timing of the new round of CBA negotiations also isn’t helping matters. It’s anyone’s guess as to how the future revenue split or salary cap machinations will impact future deals, so the general uncertainty may also be making the Chargers skittish.

For what it’s worth, Gordon says he ultimately wants to stay in L.A.

I want to end up with the Chargers. That’s my home,” Gordon said recently. “I’m not going to sit here and be like, ‘Man, I don’t want to go back to the Chargers, dah, dah, dah.’ Like that’s the team that blessed me with an opportunity. They started my life. They changed my life. Of all 32 teams, that was the team that called me. I can’t forget them for that.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Chargers Won’t Budge In Melvin Gordon Talks

  1. bowserhound

    Get hurt in the first quarter of the first game. Boom, free money and service time.

  2. carlos15

    He has one 1,000 yard season and one season averaging more than 3.9 ypc. Replaceable

    • theeterps

      That doesn’t change the situation for anyone. The point is they want big money, heavily guaranteed contracts right now. Going to a new team isn’t going to magically make them happy…

      • Steezy

        Especially to another team that doesn’t want to pay a running back LOL

  3. theeterps

    He has even less leverage than Le’Veon did and look how that turned out. Yes, the system is flawed, but he’s gonna have to show up and play if he wants to earn that big contract after his rookie deal. Otherwise, everything will just keep getting pushed back.

    And if he were to go that route of faking an injury in Week 1 and then sit out the rest of the year, he won’t get the deal he is seeking. That will crush his value – especially with his already genuine injury history.

  4. Jason Rodriguez

    not sure why they even sign contracts anymore it’s a waste of time, if they play like shit it’s someone else fault if they do good they want to throw the contract out. should forfeit all money earned if ya break a contract no questions asked. worried about getting hurt then dont play the game and take the money. get a real job

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Yo Melvin. You play poker? Stupid strategy shooting off your mouth…”contract or trade me.” How about neither. They didn’t give in to Gates….show up and get in shape!!!

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Apparently $5.6MM isn’t enough to get socks, dress shoes and a suit that fits properly. Melvin needs a new deal.

  7. JDGoat

    Please just sign this has the makings of a great year with a legitimate championship shot.

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