Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Could Miss Games

The saga between the Chargers and running back Melvin Gordon could drag on for a while. There’s a “strong possibility” Gordon could sit out into the regular season unless he gets a new market-value deal, agent Damarius Bilbo tells Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter). For what it’s worth, Bilbo did soften the threat a bit. 

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But we want to focus on getting something done before training camp,” Bilbo said. “There’s a long way to go to Week 1.”

If Gordon’s holdout extends to the regular season, he’ll lose out on roughly $330K per week, representing 1/17th of his $5.6MM salary. Staying away from the club could reinforce his importance to the Chargers’ offense, though there’s a risk of backup Austin Ekeler shining in his absence. Last year, Ekeler was a revelation for the Chargers as well as points-per-reception fantasy football players – he finished out with 5.2 yards per carry on a limited sample and 39 catches for 404 yards out of the backfield.

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17 comments on “Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Could Miss Games

  1. Ironman_4life

    I told my boss this morning i wanted a $3 an hour raise. I was escorted out if the building. There went my chance of a holdout.

  2. nats3256

    Probably not a good idea to try this when somebody is sitting behind you, waiting to take control.

    • brewcrew08

      You really think 150 NFL carries from an undrafted FA RB will phase Gordon? Gordon has 38 TD and nearly 3000 yards in his last 3 seasons. Not to mention he’s now 26 and at his peak. Even if the Chargers are crazy enough to give the ball to Eckler 200 times we’ve seen sitting out pay off well for Bell just last season.


      Ekeler gets dinged up more than Gordon.
      Good luck with that !!!
      He’s a complement, not an Alphadog.

  3. Kwflanne

    If anyone will be the bulk back, it will be Justin Jackson, not Ekeler. Ekeler has shown he can’t handle the bulk load and has struggled in opportunities at starting. Remember his whopping performance against Tennessee in London? Yikes. Compared to Justin Jackson getting bulk touches against Pittsburgh? Yeah…. if Gordon is a holdout, smart move would be to keep Ekelers use how it is…. a secondary, pass catching, change of pace guy. Let Justin Jackson carry the load

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Give Goodell a holiday vacation and let Melvin run the league while he’s holding out on the Chargers. That way it would be easier for Batman to ring Commissioner Gordon.

  5. nutznboltz

    Melvin is hurt a lot. I can see paying him David Johnson money but not Gurley or Bell money. If he wants to hold out and try to hurt the team, he’ll find out quickly that the trio of Jackson,Eckler and Detrize will be just fine.

  6. Threecubed

    It’s Ryan Effin Mathews part ll , over drafted , over valued and now a problem rather than a solution . I like Mel but he’s in a tough spot if he wants Gurley money , at least from this clown car , maybe Tampa ?

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