Dolphins’ Kendrick Norton Injured In Car Crash

Defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was involved in a “serious car accident,” according to an announcement from the Dolphins. The 22-year-old had to have his arm amputated at the scene of the crash, Andy Slater of 640 AM (on Twitter) hears. It’s unlikely that Norton will play football again, though his life is not believed to be in danger.

Norton, a University of Miami product, entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Panthers in 2018. Last December, the Dolphins signed him off of Carolina’s practice squad, but he has yet to appear in an NFL game.

Norton spent three years at the U of M, racking up five sacks and 18 tackles for a loss during his time there. Athleticism, and fighting, is in his blood – he’s the son of Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton and the grandson of former heavyweight champion Ken Norton Sr.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Norton and his family.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “Dolphins’ Kendrick Norton Injured In Car Crash

  1. captainsalty

    Just read that he had his arm amputated at the scene and his career is over…super sad story for a guy trying to cut out his place in the league…speedy recovery young man

    • connfyoozed

      There is a story out that has a family friend quoted as saying that Norton’s car was cut off and he flipped over trying to avoid the other car. It’s not an official statement so who knows if it’s true. Apparently this happened very close to the Dolphins training facilities.

    • TrollHunter

      That wouldn’t be as funny if Norton showed up at your house and beat you to death with his severed arm!

      For you I mean, to everyone else it would be hilarious!

  2. mcase7187

    WOW a lot of you are pathetic and by chance one this happens to you or someone in your family hope you day the same things BUT you won’t because you can’t Hide

    I hope he’s able to live a long life

  3. Polish Hammer

    Kind of weird that the thread right below this is about JPP and then a couple threads above this is a Happy 4th of July one…

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