The 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft, So Far

The exact date for the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft has not yet been announced, but it is certain to take place in the month of July. So far, we have four known entrants in this year’s class:

Thompson, the most recent addition to the pool, is the most interesting name in the bunch. Unlike Clarington, Cullen, and Simms, he’s a near lock to get drafted – scouts had him pegged as a third or fourth-round pick prior to last season and his upcoming workout on July 8 is expected to be heavily attended by pro scouts. At this time, it’s not clear why Thompson was ruled ineligible for the 2019 NCAA season but, barring something shocking, he’s expected to find a home in the supplemental draft.

Clarington also holds some intrigue. The one-time Texas commit has tremendous athleticism for a 6’6″ tight end, though he’ll have to impress in workouts if he wants to be selected.

The supplemental draft allows NFL teams to select players who, for one reason or another, were barred from entering the regular draft in the spring. When a team selects a player in the supplemental draft, they forfeit the corresponding pick in the regular draft next year. For example, if a team selects a player in the sixth round of the supplemental draft this year, they will have to give up their 2020 sixth round selection.

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7 comments on “The 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft, So Far

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    If a team uses, say, a sixth round pick in the supplemental draft and has two sixth round picks next year, which one do they forfeit?

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I didn’t know if it was a matter of losing the highest (or lowest) pick in the round or the one you “earned” from the season’s play. Your answer makes the most sense!

        I’m guessing if a team DOESN’T have a sixth round pick in next year’s draft due to trading it away, they simply can’t draft a supplemental pick in the sixth round.

        Thanks again for your comment!

        • lautrec

          Nobody really knows for sure. It’s not the NFL is banging a gong about it or whatnot.

        • jorge78

          Remember they can use a pick from any round that they possess. If they were really in love with a player they could use their first round pick to keep other teams from picking him but then I think pigs would fly and fish would drown…..

          • crosseyedlemon

            The 1984 supplemental draft produced 3 future Hall of Famers. I think most teams would gladly forfeit a first round pick for Steve Young, Reggie White or Gary Zimmerman.

    • 3jr236

      i believe its whatever pick they chose to give up… ex. a tean has the first pick in the 6th round and the 32nd pick in the sixth round… and another team puts in a bid in the sixth with there 2nd pick in the sixth. the team that had the two picks would have to have said they were giving up their first pick or it would go to the team with the 2nd pick in the sixth bc their bid was a higher pick.

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