Frank Gore Not Yet Considering Retirement

Frank Gore, 36, has the fourth-most rushing yards in league history (14,748), and he could surpass the legendary Barry Sanders for third place on the all-time list this season. But while he continues to defy the odds for running backs, Gore said he is not yet contemplating retirement.

Gore, via David Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, said, “I just go how I feel. If I feel I can’t do it no more, then I call it.” 

Oftentimes, players in the latter stages of their career proclaim that a given year will be their last in the league, even if they end up backtracking later. Gore, though, will apparently keep the legs churning until he feels his body can’t take it anymore.

And for good reason. Last year, in his one and only season with his hometown Dolphins, Gore managed 4.6 yards per carry off of 156 attempts and added 12 catches for 124 yards. He no longer profiles as a workhorse back, but he’s still quite productive when used in the right measure. And given that the Bills have a large stable of running backs, headed by veteran LeSean McCoy, Buffalo will likely be able to keep Gore on a pitch count that maximizes his effectiveness.

Gore said he signed with the Bills — the first cold weather team he has suited up for — because of how much they showed they wanted him. He said, “[i]t was the second year where they came after me. They showed that they wanted me again. In this league, especially at my age, you want to be wanted. That’s a factor that [went into the decision], especially coming off an injury.”

When he does hang up the cleats, Gore said he will retire as a member of the 49ers, who selected him in the third round of the 2005 draft and with whom Gore spent the first 10 years of his career. Even if he does not play for San Francisco again, Gore will sign a one-day contract with the team when the time comes.

Gore is a five-time Pro Bowler but has yet to win a Super Bowl (though he came close in 2012). If he wants a ring before he retires, he will likely have to play at least one more year, as the Bills do not profile as championship contenders this year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Frank Gore Not Yet Considering Retirement

      • king beas

        At qb I’d get wanting a vet but rb has been a position where rookies have lead the league in rushing the past 3 years I don’t think they’re much of transition between college and pros when it comes to rbs

    • mcmillankmm

      He outperformed a 24 year-old last season…maybe Buffalo just wanted a positive influence in the locker room and someone to mentor the RB they drafted this year….although not sure why that couldn’t have been McCoy

      • Polish Hammer

        Because McCoy is still an immature kid regardless of how many years he’s been in the league.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Frank just needs 1376 yards to surpass the combined career rushing total of the 5 RBs drafted before him in 2005. He’s pretty amazing.

    • He’s going into the HOF as a 49er. 4 pro bowls with them as well as being a key offensive piece to their playoff success (sadly no ring).

  1. 2dmo4

    And no, if Gore surpasses B. Sanders in total yards “in no F’ing way” does that make him better.

      • tdederick

        Please tell me your not serious with asking why. It’s not even debatable him being close to sanders. He is not even in sanders league.

      • itslonelyatthetrop

        Because Sanders accomplished his total in 153 games. Gore needed over 210 games.

      • Polish Hammer

        Because longevity allows players to accumulate stats but nobody should ever say he was better than Barry.

  2. There’s something uncomfortable about an active player on one team, talking about retiring as a member of another.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Several players have signed those one day contracts so it’s not a big deal. I’m sure Tom Brady would tell everyone that he would sign a one day contract with the Patriots at the end of his career if he ever ended up playing elsewhere before that.

  3. doubleringer

    What a great player, so amazingly consistent over the years. You can have a fine career as a longevity back, getting 17 carries a game. And make it well into your mid thirties -just ask Marcus Allen. Frank, though had heart sbd courage

  4. doubleringer

    C’mon 9ers, one last swan song with FG #21. Too great of a story to miss out on. What a way to build up the Levi’s fan mojo.

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