Latest On Chiefs, Tyreek Hill Extension Talks

Tyreek Hill picked up a huge victory earlier today when it was announced that he wouldn’t be suspended by the league. We heard shortly after that the team was going to wait to resume contract talks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still plan on locking him up. Sources reiterated to Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports that the team does plan on extending him still.

A source also told Paylor that “there are questions that must still be answered about Hill’s personal life,” and he writes that “there are still things that need to play out that will provide closure and comfort that a similar ordeal won’t happen in the future.” That being said, Paylor also points out an interesting factor that might entice the Chiefs to get a deal done sooner rather than later.

Both Hill and superstar defensive tackle Chris Jones are heading into the final year of their contracts. If the Chiefs don’t extend one of them before the season ends, then at least one will enter unrestricted free agency and spark a bidding war, “since NFL teams can franchise tag only one player per season.” It’s an interesting observation, as the team would certainly like to keep both under team control without letting either hit the open market.

In a video posted to Twitter, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network provided some additional clarity on the situation. Rapoport explained why the team stood by him even when things weren’t looking good, saying the Chiefs “believed he was upfront and honest with them” and never lied to them, which was a “direct contrast to the Kareem Hunt situation,” where Kansas City felt Hunt didn’t tell them everything.

Pivoting to his contract, Rapoport confirms the Chiefs “plan on making sure” that Hill is “properly compensated,” and that they’ll likely make him one of the highest-paid receivers in the league. He notes that possible delays will be due to the team taking time “specifically to make sure that” complex contract language can be sorted out. It seems likely that whatever deal Hill signs will include specific language to protect the franchise in case he gets in any more off-field trouble.

For what it’s worth, Hill’s side understandably seems eager to talks going again. “Hill’s camp hopes to revisit contract talks ‘as soon as possible,'” a source told Mike Florio of It might not go as quickly as Hill’s reps would like, but it sounds like something will get done in the near future.

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16 comments on “Latest On Chiefs, Tyreek Hill Extension Talks

  1. braveshomer

    crazy how it went from one end of the spectrum to the other with this whole situation…whats even worse the vultures of the media are aren’t heavily reporting this turn of events like they were before. Everything truly is click bait related smh

    • Ironman_4life

      Be careful. I think Kaep may not approve of vultures being used in that tone.

  2. Rondon

    Haha! This is so the NFL. Take a borderline abuser, reinstate him and then talk about a F”king extension. Unbelievable.

  3. Today’s rules of journalism:
    1.) Write a Headline that will get a click
    2.) If you can use facts, ok, but don’t let them get in the way of getting clicks
    3.) Be vague in your writing so you’re never really wrong
    4.) Optional – Check your facts
    5.) Optional – Proofread before posting

  4. Paul1989

    Good article until the last paragraph where you referenced that tool Florio!

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