Eight NFL Draft Picks Remain Unsigned

With training camp on the horizon, there are still eight unsigned NFL draft picks left, as shown in PFR’s tracker: So far, 244 of this year’s 254 selections have inked their deals.

Here’s the complete breakdown, sorted by round:

First Round (5)

Second Round (1)

Third Round (1)

Seventh Round (1)

As expected, the first round (five) leads the way in stragglers. It’s also worth noting that four of the five remaining unsigned first-round picks are repped by CAA: Bosa, White, Jones, and Burns. Last July, CAA had five of the seven unsigned players in the top 10, so it’s clear that the power agency is driving a hard bargain over key issues such as offset language.

The Broncos seemed to have a logjam earlier this week when Drew Lock (No. 42) overall pushed for a quarterback premium while guard Dalton Risner (No. 41 overall) refused to take less money than the player drafted behind him. They slashed this list from 11 to nine by agreeing to terms with their second-rounders on back-to-back days.

Cutting, meanwhile, is now allowed to defer his military service while he plays professional football, so a deal should be signed any day now.

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5 comments on “Eight NFL Draft Picks Remain Unsigned

  1. While I generally understand offset language to relate to a player or even a coach who is cut/fired and then picked up elsewhere, it would improve the article if a summary of what offset language means or a link to same were included.

    • Well, I looked to the right and there in the Pro Football Rumors Glossary is an explanation. The link would have been a nice touch though.

      Offset language relates to what happens to a player’s salary if he’s cut during the first four years of his career, while he’s still playing on his rookie contract. For the top 15 to 20 picks in the draft, those four-year salaries will be fully guaranteed, even if a player is waived at some point during those four seasons. For example, if a player has $4MM in guaranteed money remaining on his contract and is cut, he’ll still be owed that $4MM.

      However, if a team has written offset language into the contract, that club can save some money if and when the player signs with a new team. For example, if that player who had $4MM in guaranteed money left on his contract signs with a new club on a $1MM deal, his old team would only be on the hook for $3MM, with the new team making up the difference. If there’s no offset language on that first deal, the old team would continue to be on the hook for the full $4MM, and the player would simply earn an additional $1MM from his new club.

  2. sportznut1000

    bosa seems like he will be a real “team first” guy. sits out his senior season to focus on the draft and then after getting drafted 2nd overall will be one of the last picks in the first round to sign a contract.

    as long as he doesnt get injured, all will be fine but i really wish my niners would have drafted someone else. “anyone but bosa” was my 2019 draft slogan

  3. doubleringer

    Jed, time to spring into action and get these two key draft picks some love. It’s hot as heck now; football weather is here; Training Camp is upon us. We need our finest young talent mentally ready to get on with this. Let’s show the players that we can get it done quickly as a well-run organization does. The Niner shall be strong with these two…

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