NFLPA To File Grievance Against Texans

As members of the 2016 draft begin to sign extensions, 2014’s No. 1 overall pick is set to play yet another season without a long-term deal. And there will now be drama over Jadeveon Clowney‘s 2019 salary.

The NFLPA is expected to file a grievance against the Texans regarding Clowney’s franchise tag figure, Adam Schefter of tweets. The Texans tagged Clowney as a linebacker, and that price comes in at $15.967MM — $1.698MM less than Clowney would have received on the defensive end tag.

The Texans paid Clowney just more than $1MM this year to resolve a dispute about his position as it related to his 2018 fifth-year option salary. Houston uses a 3-4 defense and deploys Clowney as a stand-up linebacker in base sets, but the college defensive lineman spends more time in three-point stances in sub-packages as a pro. The defensive line-linebacker split was roughly 60-40 in favor of a D-line role, Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson tweets.

This has turned into quite the year for the Texans, who also fired their GM — one who was on board with a Clowney extension — and will not replace him until 2020. Clowney has hovered in extension limbo with the Texans for well over a year. Now, more back-and-forth will likely commence between he and the team that took him first overall five years ago.

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9 comments on “NFLPA To File Grievance Against Texans

  1. goldenmisfit

    When it comes to contracts the NFL is a joke. They need to get rid of this franchise tag The owners love the idea that they feel like they own you and don’t feel a need to extend you because they figure “we will just franchise him and if we still can’t come to an agreement franchise him again“. No other sport does this and this really needs to stop basically when a contract is up they can franchise a player and the player has no say in it and that is just wrong.

    • JJB0811

      Too bad the NFLPA disagrees with you. The tag first came out in the early 90’s. Plenty of CBA’s have come and gone and never have they required the tag to be removed.

      Hold some accountability to those that sign the agreement. It’s signed by both parties, not one side.

      • ziggy13

        seeing as the tag affects only a handful of players per season it’s not exactly going to get top priority over other items

        • JJB0811

          That’s exactly right. And only 1 player this year couldn’t get a deal done. You’re not going to hear the union screaming about that.

          Now if I were in JC’s shoes, I’d show up the last week, collect 1/2 year’s salary. Then go the ‘I pulled my hammy’ route & can’t play. Have JC’s doctors sign off on it. Worked for K Leonard while w/ the Spurs.

    • Polish Hammer

      And just like everything else people gripe about with the NFL, it’s all negotiated into the CBA and the NFLPA allows it the way it is. So they must not prioritize it or it’s a trade off for something else.

      That people gripe about being paid the average of the top 5 is not something I’ll feel sorry for anytime soon.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    We haven’t got a GM and don’t know the difference between a defensive end and a linebacker but renew those season tickets because we are going to have a really great year….lol.

  3. Yep it is

    Poor baby could have to play for 16 million instead of 17.5. What a joke.

    • Polish Hammer

      Yep it is…and since he doesn’t give 100% he should get the prorated portion which would be even lower.

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