Fired Texans GM Wanted To Extend Jadeveon Clowney, Bill O’Brien Didn’t

We heard earlier today that the Texans won’t be extending Jadeveon Clowney. The two sides aren’t going to reach a deal before the July 15th deadline, and Clowney will play the 2019 season under the franchise tag. 

After firing Brian Gaine and failing in their attempt to hire Nick Caserio away from the Patriots, the Texans were left without a general manager. It’s been unclear who is running things in the front office, although now we have a little more clarity that it’s head coach Bill O’Brien. Gaine and O’Brien “disagreed on whether to make a long-term commitment to” Clowney, a source told Mike Florio of

There was a report right after Gaine was fired that his handling of the Clowney situation was partially responsible for his termination, but that suggested that Gaine was fired for not making progress on an extension. Now it seems like the opposite is true, and that it was Gaine who wanted to extend him all along.

Word leaking out that a head coach opposes a contract extension for a current player is sure to make things awkward in the locker room, and makes it more likely that this is Clowney’s last season with the team. The Texans are widely expected to make another run at Caserio once his contract expires following the 2020 draft, but they’ll need to make a decision on Clowney before then when free agency opens in March. O’Brien is likely to still be running the show then, and he clearly is hesitant to commit to Clowney for the future.

The first overall pick back in 2014, Clowney has blossomed into a great player, but the Texans don’t want to break the bank for him. A Pro Bowler each of the last three seasons, Clowney is likely looking to reset the market for pass-rushers yet again, and he’s been staying away from the team’s offseason activities while he held out for a new deal. The report from earlier today indicated he might miss a solid chunk of training camp, but that he’s expected to show up in time for the regular season.

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15 comments on “Fired Texans GM Wanted To Extend Jadeveon Clowney, Bill O’Brien Didn’t

  1. crosleyred

    Well, it seems that O’Brien has made a puppet out of Cal McNair. We are wasting Watson’s years with the Texans by allowing a coach who seeks power over team success. With this situation and a difficult schedule I can’t see any better than 7-9. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. jb19

    Clowney is going to be a Haynesworth type bust after he signs his mega deal… he is no where near the level of Mack, Donald or JJ Watt in his prime. But he’s going to get that time of money from somewhere.

    • eaterofbirds

      I totally agree and have hammered this point since he first entered the league. He hit the lottery and stopped playing hard, and milking soft tissue injuries. Check his time on the sidelines v actual in game play time. He quits on his team, and is, like said above, a Haynesworth comparison. Gifted, but laziness consumes this kid, as well as commitment. He’s a cancer.
      Love or hate O’brien, he recognized it—its not O’briens first rodeo.

      Trade him to the Raiders or Cincy…they love players like this.

  3. bradthebluefish

    I’m not high in Clowney, but to watch Bill O’Brien be in charge of every little thing is wicked odd.

  4. Yep it is

    O’Brien what has he DONE? He will probably be shown the door after this year. He is the real Clowney

    • crosseyedlemon

      There is some logic to not extending a perennial pro bowler if the team as a whole is not going to be in a position to make a playoff run in the forseeable future. That was the case with Mack in Oakland. In this situation however the Texans are already a playoff contender so they should be making a commitment to their best players.

      • Polish Hammer

        Perennial Pro Bowler? This guy was supposed to be a generational talent or better. He’s had some success but not up to the level he could of and should have had. He plays when he wants and I’m sure BOB and his staff have heir hands full with him.

  5. afsooner02

    They still have to pay Watson soon once his rookie deal is up. Unsure on Texans cap sitch or what Watt/DHop is commanding as well.

  6. fba0017

    I don’t understand O’Brien being given control. This year goes bad he should be fired. Also don’t see why Caserio would want that job. Obviously O’Brien is calling shots and while he doesn’t have that with New England he still is very much involved in all aspects of the game.

  7. Paul1989

    Hard to imagine why anyone would talk to Florio to give him any information other than he is a tool!

  8. kjwillis121

    While Clowney is a good player, he is not a great player. But, he will command great player money. I hate to see the guy go but dropping Mack, Miller or even Donald money on the guy will be detrimental to the team going forward. O line and Watson are more imperative if the team wants to ever contend.

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