Patriots Notes: Gordon, Berrios, Wynn

A WR depth chart topped by Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry, and Josh Gordon could make Patriots quarterback Tom Brady quite happy, but Gordon’s status obviously remains uncertain. Jim McBride of the Boston Globe writes that it would make sense for Roger Goodell to lift Gordon’s indefinite suspension and reinstate the troubled wideout in time for training camp, especially in light of the commissioner’s statement that he wants to get Gordon back on the playing field. After all, the nurturing environment and structured routine of training camp would theoretically be good for Gordon and may allow him to continue to keep his personal demons at bay.

There have been no reports suggesting that Gordon has actually applied for reinstatement, but there were earlier indications that the NFLPA may begin to “lay groundwork” for his return in May, and that there was a chance he could return by training camp. As of right now, though, Gordon is still in a holding pattern.

Let’s round up several more items from the defending champs:

  • Speaking of wide receivers, Mike Reiss of believes 2018 sixth-rounder Braxton Berrios will crack the 53-man roster and could give the Patriots the type of Danny Amendola-like slot option that Brady loves. On the heels of a strong performance this spring, Berrios, who spent his entire rookie season on IR, has already arrived at the team’s facility well in advance of training camp. His chances of making the team are enhanced by his ability to return punts.
  • Both Reiss and McBride discuss the importance of Isaiah Wynn, who is expected to become the Patriots’ starting left tackle in 2019. Like Berrios, Wynn missed all of his rookie season due to injury, though all reports this year have suggested that he would be ready for training camp. Per McBride, the coaching staff has been pleased with Wynn’s progress in the mental aspect of the game, and Wynn says he physically feels ready to go. However, Reiss says the 2018 first-rounder could still open camp on the PUP list.
  • The Patriots stayed out of the supplemental draft for the 20th year in a row, though Reiss suggests the team could have been intrigued by safety Jalen Thompson (who was the only player to be selected this year). But surrendering a 2020 mid-round selection to add to a position group that already has quite a lot of depth just did not make sense for New England.
  • Gil Brandt of examines the best fits for some of the top remaining free agents, and he believes the Patriots would make the perfect landing spot for DE Allen Bailey. New England did meet with Bailey back in March, and the 30-year-old fits the profile of the type of versatile D-lineman that the Pats have a history of signing on the cheap.
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10 comments on “Patriots Notes: Gordon, Berrios, Wynn

  1. turkmurpson

    I’m torn on Josh Gordon. I’d love to see him get reinstated and be productive in NE but at the same time he just can’t be depended on. Maybe this is the year he figures it out. Let’s hope so.

    Berrios is like a cult favorite to a lot of NE faithful. The ability is clearly there is just a matter of him putting it all together on the field. I hope he can get it done. If Gordon can’t be depended on they’re going to need another reliable WR.

    I have high expectation for Isiah Wynn. If he starts on the PUP list it will be interesting to see how the OL adjusts. I know that Thuney was playing LT was in camp earlier this offseason so maybe they’re prepared to start him in his place until he’s ready.

    Seeing as how NE always has a lot of mid round picks I would have taken a shot at Thompson. It’s likely the Pats will see both McCourty’s and Chung retire after the season so having extra depth couldn’t hurt.

    I’m all for Bailey signing with the Pats. He would give them a good rotation of interior defenders that is necessary as the season wears on. As we get closer to camp a expect he’ll make a decision.

    • bradthebluefish

      To be fair to Josh Gordon, he was doing pretty well with the Patriots until his late season ban. Otherwise, he seemed stable.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Gordon will never be productive. The smart move for the Patriots would be to let Caserio out of his contract early in exchange for DeAndre Hopkins or Clowney.

    • turkmurpson

      Why on earth would Houston do either of those deals if Caserio can go there freely next season? There’s another issue with this scenario as well. There’s this thing called a salary cap. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

    • bradthebluefish

      Would be a cool trade for the Patriots but that’s a wicked high asking price. I say any draft picking between 2nd through 5th round would be fair. Anything lower then it’s a no-go.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It isn’t a high asking price at all. If your getting one of the very best executives in the league (and most would agree Caserio is) then your going to have to give up something significant in return. Any player the Patriots receive could be lost to injury but Nick runs a much lower risk working in an office.

        • turkmurpson

          You realize the cap number for Clowney is 15.9 million dollars(Franchise tag) and Hopkins is 14 million right? The Pats currently have 6.5 million cap space remaining.

          The Patriots lose executives all the time and they’re all considered to be the “best executive” as you put it. Guys like Robinson Licht, Pioli, Quinn, Demitroff have all left and haven’t done anything since.

          Meanwhile NE with their next man up mentality just keep winning and churning out the next best executive.

          I like your concept of trading him for talent, but I think you’re going to have to temper your expectations on Caserio’s return value.

    • rkmarx

      How amazing would it be if Bill traded him to a pathetic franchise like the Jets?

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