Saints’ Carl Granderson Sentenced To Jail

Saints rookie defensive end Carl Granderson has been sentenced to six months in jail, according to The Casper Star-Tribune. Initially, Granderson was set to serve a year of probation, but a Wyoming judge went against the plea deal reached by prosecutors and Granderson’s attorney. 

The Saints signed Granderson as an undrafted free agent despite his pending trial, but this sentence will completely rule him out for the 2019 season. It’s likely that Granderson will be released soon, with another player replacing him on the 90-man roster.

The Wyoming product is a talented player who almost certainly would’ve been drafted if not for his legal situation. Many analysts gave Granderson a mid-round grade and the Saints gave him a hefty $85K to sign this offseason.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Saints’ Carl Granderson Sentenced To Jail

  1. connfyoozed

    It would have been nice for the article to mention what Granderson had been charged with so we didn’t have to click the link to the other article to find out.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Whining about having to click a hyperlink? I’m not even sure L’Veon Bell or Antonio Brown could become that pathetic.

      • connfyoozed

        It wasn’t meant to be a whine, but I can see how it would come across that way. I thought if it more as an error on the author’s part which I was trying to point out. It didn’t warrant your overreaction, but oh well.

      • ThePriceWasRight

        I highly doubt Traede Rumours is getting any money for redirects from Casper Star Tribune so including the offense really should be in a news story.

        The nightly news doesnt go “Breaking! Player sentenced to jail. End of story”

        • crosseyedlemon

          The nightly news anchor would relay the viewers to an on site reporter which is essentially the same as a hyperlink.

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