Elliott Extension Now Cowboys’ Top Priority

Entering the offseason with several high-profile players eligible for extensions, the Cowboys still have their big three on offense attached to rookie deals. But Amari Cooper has voiced no issue with playing into a contract year, and Jerry Jones said he has no concern about Dak Prescott doing the same.

Jones said the Cowboys only have to have Ezekiel Elliott signed before Week 1, per Ed Werder of ESPN.com (on Twitter). Elliott has been a holdout since the Cowboys began training camp.

While Cooper has a guaranteed fifth-year option of $13.9MM, Prescott is only set to make $2MM this season. The fourth-year quarterback obviously stands to earn a lucrative contract at some point in the near future, but signing before the season would give him a chance to avoid having to play a fourth season on a Round 4 contract. Prescott, though, has been resolute during this lengthy negotiation. He voiced opposition to a potential team-friendly deal and is believed to have declined a $30MM-AAV proposal.

Elliott has two seasons left on his deal, but the high-volume back (NFL-most 1,003 touches since 2016, getting there in just 40 games) has prioritized an extension before an age-24 season that will also stand to feature an extensive workload. There has not been any recent movement between the Cowboys and the two-time rushing champion. Two weeks before Dallas’ opener, Elliott remains in Mexico training away from the team.

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19 comments on “Elliott Extension Now Cowboys’ Top Priority

  1. JJB0811

    I think EE’s a priority because he generates jersey and ticket sales. That O was stagnant until the trade for Cooper last year.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Ed Werder completely missed the mark by claiming the Cowboys made a huge offer to Elliot so why even bother using ESPN as a source?

  3. ahale224

    Zeke who? I drafted pollard last night, so I want just enough threat of a holdout to get something out of the guy who drafted zeke.

  4. DarkSide830

    as it should be. if anyone deserves top-of-the-line money on that team, its Zeke.

  5. goldenmisfit

    Cowboys fan here so let me just start by saying I love Elliot I think he is one of the two best running back’s in the NFL along with Barkley. With that being said the way he has handled his contract situation is anything but the true meaning of a team player. I could almost understand it if he was in the same boat like Cooper and Prescott where it is the final year of their deals but, Elliot still has a fifth year option in 2020 and he is pulling this garbage. I have to admit I laughed when Jerry Jones said a couple of weeks ago that he had all the faith in the world and Tony Pollard but after watching him the last few weeks I have to tend to agree with Jerry. Also I have to agree with all the NFL analyst who say Elliott has absolutely zero leverage in these talks and he did turn down a contract that would have made him the second highest paid running back in the league. This guy really need to start showing the team first attitude we have seen so far from Smith, Cooper and Prescott. Honestly if I was Jerry I would offer him a contract five years 65000,000 40 million guaranteed 20 million signing bonus if he is not willing to except that let him sit see what Tony Pollard can do in the regular season and if he shows what we have seen in preseason then trade his ass! As much as I love Elliot he is really coming off as “don’t care what team I play for as long as I am the highest paid at my position“ he needs to learn from and Jalon Smith Who pretty much said “I know I could make more but this team had faith in me and I want to be a Dallas cowboy for life“ these are the types of players this team needs not someone that only cares about being the highest paid because the fact is highest paid or not he becomes a multi millionaire several times over once he signs his deal.

  6. shawn hemp

    Top priority should be to trade this Ewok. Run DMC ran for a 1000 in 12 games behind this line. Send him to buffalo where he can be a non factor in the world. Or Miami so he can catch a lifetime ban cause u know he gonna do something stupid af in south beach

  7. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Please explain how Prescott is a “team first guy”. He is currently trying to become one of the top paid (if not the top) QBs in the NFL, yet he’s not even a top 10 QB in the league. You said above you think Zeke is a top 2 RB but he’s playing on a rookie contract that he (because of the rookie pay scale) he couldn’t negotiate. He has clearly outplayed his rookie deal, and if he was a bust he would have been released, Dallas has his hands tied, they hold an option year on his deal, and then have the option to franchise tag him if they choose. He’s not a QB who can sign 2-3 lucrative contracts and Dallas has the opportunity to chew him up and spit him out at age 30 if he doesn’t take a hard line. I’m not a fan of holdouts either but I understand his reasoning.

    • bigjonliljon

      Didn’t Zeke know that already when he signed this contract? No one put a gun to his head to sign his contract. Let him honor his word. Or go get a real job. He has options.

      • highplainsdriftr

        So weird how much jealousy is directed towards these players and their contract issues

  8. dmarcus15

    There are a team n of teams that would give a haul for Zeke. Heck I would dangle Dak to Indy now with Lucks retirement.

    • cowman707

      Why would they want Dak? Brissett is probably as good or a better quarterback. And even if Brissett Doesn’t work out Chad Kelly is more talented than dak

  9. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    If the Cowboys did indeed offer Dak a contract with a $30 million AAV, that’s not team-friendly. That’s team-stupid.

  10. dmarcus15

    Why Jerry Why…. you give in now and in 2 yrs he will want another deal and hold out. I’m tired of players holding out they signed the contract play it out. Imagine if owners do the same thing.

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