Giants Still Eyeing Daniel Jones Redshirt?

People inside the Giants organization acknowledge the perception of Daniel Jones has changed over the summer, with Ralph Vacchiano of noting the rookie’s rise has been “dizzying” to many staffers. The No. 6 overall pick has surprised most of the football community with his preseason readiness.

After a take-notice drive in his preseason debut, Jones completed 11 of 14 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown (while losing two fumbles) against the Bears on Friday. Eli Manning was 4-for-4 in limited duty. Despite Manning’s struggles in recent years and Jones’ August work, the hope remains the incumbent will play throughout 2019, per Vacchiano. The team does not believe Jones needs to be rushed.

Big Blue will not hold a quarterback competition in the near future. The belief still appears to be that Jones is not ready to usurp Manning, and Vacchiano adds the plan will be for the 16th-year starter to keep his job until at least the playoffs are out of reach. The Giants believe Manning can keep them in contention, so Dave Gettleman‘s hope to execute the “Kansas City model” — where Jones would play the Patrick Mahomes role to Manning’s Alex Smith — would be in play in this unlikely (per Las Vegas) scenario. John Mara said recently he hopes Jones “never sees the field” in 2019.

If the Giants fall out of contention, it should be expected their 22-year-old hopeful heir apparent will see the field. But for now, the organization does not look to be giving legitimate consideration to demoting its 38-year-old cornerstone.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Giants Still Eyeing Daniel Jones Redshirt?

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Except that neither Manning or (presumably) Jones are Hall of fame worthy.

      • Ironman_4life

        I think Man is going to be a Hall of Famer with no problem look at his numbers and he has two rings

      • rocky7

        Guess your memory doesn’t allow you to remember the 2 rings and MVP he has.

        • mitchrapp

          Eli will get a gold jacket. Numbers are good and the NFL always likes the great PR story Father, son and son all HOFers

            • sas

              He should be,New Orleans had a terrible team and he was very good.I could only imagine how good he would have being with a decent team

    • rocky7

      Not sure how you figure Eli’s anybody’s “poor mans version and as far as Favre and Rodgers are concerned, he has as many rings as both of them……poor man’s version indeed!

    • Natergater77

      Tell me how has Rodgers’ last couple seasons ended differently than Eli’s?

      People always want to hate Eli for not being Peyton. But truth is Eli went to the bigger market has held up an entire career under scrutiny and did not have issues performing until late in his career.

      So yes Eli is a HOF and yes Eli deserves to go out on his terms. Fans of other teams can shut it!

      • MZ311

        Exactly this. Jealous fans of teams who haven’t won anything, while Eli has two SB rings, can shove it.

      • axisofhonor25

        Let’s not forget that the defense had a lot to do with their Super Bowl wins

  1. Connorsoxfan

    New theory: After the Browns traded for OBJ, they passed their first round pick QB curse onto the Giants who will suffer until trading for another elite player in the coming years.

  2. lambeau gang

    I love the picture choice of Daniel Jones actually in a red shirt… lol

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The Bears were so pathetic in that pre season game that Johnny Manziel would have looked like an all pro.

  4. sureshotschmitty

    I’m an Eli fan but note this
    He’s 3 games over 500 in his career
    Don’t think he can get in with that winning percentage

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