Jadeveon Clowney Likely To Be Traded In Next 24-48 Hours?

Things appear to be reaching a head between Jadeveon Clowney and the Texans. Clowney was franchise tagged earlier this offseason, and the two sides were unable to agree on a longterm extension. Clowney has been holding out all summer, and reportedly didn’t plan to show up until just before the start of the regular season.

There have been rumors that the Texans want to trade Clowney to ensure they get something for him, and those rumors are starting to heat up. Clowney “will be traded within the next 24-to-48 hours,” according to Michael Lombardi of The Athletic (Twitter video link), who adds that he would be “shocked” if he isn’t. Lombardi also reports that “there’s a lot of teams that are after him.”

As for what Houston is looking for in terms of compensation, Lombardi says that they’re looking to add a receiver to play opposite DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans already have a very solid group of pass-catchers with Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Keke Coutee, but they apparently aren’t satisfied. Fuller is coming off a torn ACL and Coutee is seemingly always hurt, so maybe that has something to do with their interest in another wideout.

Lombardi says he knows of two teams that are currently negotiating with Clowney to try to get him to agree to come to them. As he points out, Clowney has some leverage and control in trade talks since he has to sign his franchise tender before he can get traded. The former first overall pick is scheduled to make 15.967MM under the tag in 2019 after being classified as a linebacker, although there have been rumblings about a potential grievance being filed to get him classified as a defensive end.

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41 comments on “Jadeveon Clowney Likely To Be Traded In Next 24-48 Hours?

    • mitchrapp

      When you cannot do, then teach, and when you cannot teach, you teach gym. Same theory applies to athletes, reporters and sports reporters.

      • Wentz It Gonna be my Turn?

        I sure hope not …He’s a beast but he gets expensive next year and FO is hoping ‘JJ Cega
        will fill his role…my assumption from a cap standpoint..More surprised they kept Agholor at 9mil + .. I am a fan so I dont care about money I want another trophy!!

        • I was actually thinking Agholor and maybe a pick. Also have lineman they can part with plus a pick. Just don’t think the Eagles will make the move.

  1. afsooner02

    Packers should…. not that we have any WRs to trade beyond Adams (and no he’s not tradeable). Maybe a 2nd and one of our young WRs? (Kumerow, Lazard, st James)

    Long shot and not gonna happen, just would love to get the insane clowney posse.

    • connfyoozed

      My thoughts exactly… would Robbie Anderson plus some picks be enough for Houston? Jets don’t have any other receivers, but Anderson is a league suspension waiting to happen, and he’s got no business being anyone’s #1WR anyways.

    • heartbrokentexassportsfan

      Although his performance in the Oceans series was admirable, Batman was pretty weak and I’d be reluctant to give up our best receiver for him.

  2. Roguejason

    Alshon Jeffries is not going anywhere to much dead money for the eagles by trading him. More likely would be Nelson Agholor and a pick or Halapoulivaati Vaitai

  3. billykent

    Shady McCoy for Clowney since Miller is down. Bill’s could even toss in a receiver with it.

  4. DuffManCometh

    Maybe the Colts would send Hilton there way now that Luck retired. They are going to be running the wishbone now that they have Jacoby as their QB.

  5. downeysoft420

    Colts. They have the cap space next year now that luck is gone to invest in another star and clowney would be that game changer on the d line for them. They have enough picks and extra depth at o line AND running back that could possibly entice the Texans. I doubt they would trade him within the division, but starting a new as a franchise and showing their not going to let this be a lost year by adding him would send a message similar to the bears adding Mack last year. Thoughts?

  6. jonnyzuck

    I know he can’t sign a long term deal, but could a new team agree that he’s tagged as a DE to convince him to come ?

  7. BuckarooBanzai

    Browns for Hunt & Pick(s)
    Chiefs for Hyde & Pick(s)
    Pats for Harris & Pick(s)

    No offense (or, to be honest, research) and I know the article states they’re looking for a WR, but Duke isn’t a 3 down/workhorse back and this is Miller’s contract season … so a RB should be a higher priority

    imo of course

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