Progress Elusive In CBA Talks

While the NFL and the NFLPA continue to set up meetings, the sides still look to have a long way to go toward finalizing the league’s next collective bargaining agreement.

The parties will reconvene on Monday, and’s Dan Graziano reports another session is scheduled for Tuesday (Twitter link). However, for a process both sides once set out to finish before Week 1, no immediate end is in sight. The talks throughout this offseason have yielded little in the way of progress, Graziano adds, with the revenue split being the main point of contention.

As of late July, the league and the union were far apart on the central component of these discussions. It does not appear that has changed, but Graziano notes both sides do not believe a 2021 work stoppage is likely. The players’ current share of league revenue cannot fall below 47%, and they would like that figure to rise under the next CBA. Discussing the raising of the league’s spending floor, or reformatting it, represents another way the union has attempted to increase salaries for the next NFL era.

The current CBA covers the 2019 and ’20 seasons, and the NFLPA has consistently warned its talent base about the prospect of another stoppage. The union again issued some pointers to prepare players in the event this happens again. Every scheduled regular-season game has unfolded since 1987, the last in-season stoppage. Fifteen games occurred that year, although only 12 involved the league’s full workforce. In 2011, the lockout ended in late July.

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3 comments on “Progress Elusive In CBA Talks

  1. bigjonliljon

    Does any one really care at this point? They still have 2 years until the current agreement is up. This is simply posturing. Neither side is ready to make a deal. Nor do they need to make any concessions yet. I chalk this up to a waste of time…. and ink.

  2. unclemike1525

    Just because the the morons can’t figure out how to split up billions of dollars is no skin off fans noses. The world will spin on as it did the other times it happened and the only people they’re hurting is themselves. They’re all idiots IMO.

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