Antonio Brown Ruling To Come Next Week

For the second time this month, an independent arbitrator has concluded a grievance hearing regarding Antonio Brown‘s helmet (via’s Ian Rapoport). A ruling is expected to come next week, according to one source.

This seemingly minor issue has had – and may still have – major implications for Brown and the Raiders. The NFL barred Brown from playing with his beloved Schutt AiR Advantage helmet and the wide receiver reportedly walked out of training camp due to his dissatisfaction. Later, agent Drew Rosenhaus claimed that Brown’s absence was actually due to the malady he sustained while receiving cryotherapy treatment.

Brown is now back in camp and practicing with a certified helmet, but there’s no telling what could happen next with the mercurial star if he does not win his second grievance. The 31-year-old has not suited up for preseason action in the midst of all of this and it not be a shock if he were to change course yet again before the start of the season.

The Raiders open their season in Oakland on Sept. 9 against the Broncos.

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15 comments on “Antonio Brown Ruling To Come Next Week

  1. DarkSide830

    these are becoming non-stories at this point. he will play because he wants the money. that’s it.

  2. JJB0811

    When the Raiders’ season is sinking yet again, I have the feeling he’ll be mysteriously injured for ‘significant time’.

  3. madmanTX

    Start the countdown clock to the AB tantrum when the ruling comes down against his grievance.

  4. noraj9

    Someone smarter than me tell me why he can’t sign a waiver and wear the d@&% helmet.

    • Polish Hammer

      Because when dealing with billion dollar concussion lawsuits there are no waivers to sign. Now he’s crying for a one year grace period to use an outdated helmet; they gave him and Tom Brady and a handful of players that grace period last year, they’ve all moved on, he needs to as well.

  5. 2012orioles

    I love what I think rich eisen asked earlier this month. Where is the Antonio brown that was a late round draft pick beating out mike Wallace and hungry to be a great football player? It really looks like he just wanted his money and couldn’t care less about playing football

  6. I think they could draft up a waiver. There would be a lot of conditions to it but i think the main ones below will make him reconsider it.

    He would take full physical for everything possible and any injury that happens after that point is his responsibility and not with the insurance of the NFL or the NFLPA even if it is not related to the helmet. He can get his own insurance policy. Kind of like when you buy a car and after it leaves the lot.

    Doing that though will most likely mean he would have to renounce him being in the NFLPA which means any future monies owed ie after football retirement would be null and void and any sponsorships/endorsement associated with the NFL or NFLPA would not be allowed. This would be another possible condition. It also means he would not be in any games like madden as well (think barry bonds for mlb) or use his football background in advertisement for shoes or apparal.

    He would also be responsible to supply his own helmet (possibly more equipment if he chooses) and they would have to be in compliant appearancewise with the team and nfl logos.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I commend you for putting some good thinking into your comment but the simple fact is that the NFL hasn’t anything to support an argument that Brown has an unsafe helmet because they didn’t even bother to test it. The only reason they are pressuring him to adopt a helmet they have certified is to keep a business partner happy.

      • While i do agree with you that the old helmet was not tested but they have tested a newer model that he provided as a proxy and that one did fall into the 10 yr period. This time period was agreed upon by both the NFL and his representatives at the NFLPA agreed upon.

        If this was a more sudden arrangement like they changed it this year without warning i would be more on Brown’s side but if memory serves me correct, Players were aware of this change happening before last season and were highly recommended to try find a suitable helmet amongst the approved. Anyone using a helmet not on the approved list would be considered not suitable for play and the player and team would receive hefty fines for any player caught with it.

        While im sure there is some back end deal going with the equipment companies, there are other factors to consider such as maybe the insurance company will not insure players if they are not equipment that has a certain certification to them. As an example, If the insurance for an association approves only charcoal bbq grills are allowed to be used on the property and i use a propane that accidentally sets the development ablaze do you think the insurance is paying out?

        Also he is not arguing the helmet in the latest grievance he is asking if he can use his helmet one more year as everyone else had a year to get used to new helmets and asking if he can be granted that same courtesy. Unfortunately he also was granted that courtesy already, but chose not to use it.

        • Polish Hammer

          We was granted that one year to use the outdated helmet and used it. Once the past year was up they had no choice but to ditch it for an approved model. I also don’t think it has anything to do with the league and business partners; the unauthorized helmet was made by a company that has authorized models out there so it’s not like they’re banning all lids from Company X and forcing you to wear Company Zs product. And let’s face it when it comes to safety the research, technology and development has come a long way in 11 years, prior to that the helmets didn’t change much in many years.

          • crosseyedlemon

            I assume we all support continued research and development on player safety issues. Regardless of what helmets the NFL endorses it will take 10-20 years to amass enough relevant data to determine how effective they are in reducing head injuries. The extent of brain damage as a result of CTE can only be determined by an autopsy.

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