Dolphins Give Minkah Fitzpatrick Permission To Seek Trade

Minkah Fitzpatrick has received permission from the Dolphins to seek a trade, multiple sources tell Chris Mortensen of

Fitzpatrick, who projected to be a cornerback/safety coming into the league, is unhappy with how the organization making him play multiple positions on defense. During training camp, Fitzpatrick’s mother tweeted that he was being used incorrectly and Fitzpatrick confirmed that he agreed with her assessment.

“She feels very strongly. She’s not wrong,” Fitzpatrick said. “Coach has asked me to do something right now. I got to do what they ask me to do. If we have to have some discussions in the future, we’ll have those discussions.

“I’m not 215 pounds, 220 pounds. So playing in the box isn’t best suited for me, but that’s what Coach is asking me to do.”

The Dolphins are not actively shopping Fitzpatrick, according to Mortensen. If a deal gets done, it’ll be on Fitzpatrick’s camp to find a suitor. Fitzpatrick’s agent, Joel Segal, has been in contact with several teams and Miami’s asking price appears to be high, as it involves a first-round pick.

Mortensen spoke with a personnel man from a rival team who said it would be surprising if the Dolphins netted a first-rounder for Fitzpatrick. The source was high on Fitzpatrick’s skills, though the pessimism had to do with the 22-year-old’s projected position. He told Mortensen that Fitzpatrick was an “ideal slot corner who can cover, blitz off the edge, [is] intelligent, a good tackler and a good special-teams player.” Another rival GM told Mortensen that Miami is being unrealistic about what their players will get in trades after coming away with two first-rounders in the Laremy Tunsil deal.

The former No. 11 overall pick is expected to play against the Patriots this week.

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17 comments on “Dolphins Give Minkah Fitzpatrick Permission To Seek Trade

  1. jordokmiller

    “If a deal gets done it, it’ll be…..spoke with a member of a personnel man…”

    Does anybody even try to proof read this stuff?

    • Ryne Huff

      Wouldn’t hate this, initially I thought Xavien Howard would be our target to trade for from Miami. Fat chance we get both.

  2. MBarry

    Id love to see Green Bay go after this guy. He’s a great player and will thrive in a solid system.

  3. Redskins are big Alabama defenders fans. Have several of Fitzpatrick’s classmates on roster. Definitely interested, the question is at what price? When Fitzpatrick’s rookie contract is over, he’ll be expensive.

  4. phenomenalajs

    If he’s willing to play strictly corner, the Jets may make another in-division deal.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Zero respect for any player that has to have “mommy” fight his battles for him. Probably belongs with Bosa on the Chargers.

  6. ruckus727

    I think he will fetch a 2 or at least a conditional 2. I agree with his mom’s assessment and his. He can be a real asset when used correctly. I can think of a lot of really good fits.

    • JJB0811

      Then why don’t the fins use him correctly? Not trying to be a pain. But if he’s good a certain role, then let him excel there. Sorta like that old Pats philosophy for the past 20 years or so. Glad the new HC took that in while under BB.

  7. herbert schaefer

    I think a coach with a track record should have been hired instead of a first year man. he will become a great player for a new team. what else is new

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