Falcons Create Room For Julio Jones Deal

The Falcons are “very, very close” to an extension for Julio Jones, owner Arthur Blank tells Jeff Schultz of TheAthletic.com (on Twitter). Of course, this is roughly what we’ve been hearing all summer, but it’s worth noting since we are days away from the start of the season and it is coming directly from the owner’s mouth. 

Furthermore, the Falcons have created some additional breathing room that may give them the cap space necessary to re-up their star wide receiver. The team completed simple contract restructurings with left tackle Jake Matthews and safety Ricardo Allen, according to Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo of NFL Network (on Twitter) to carve out another $5MM.

We’ve been here many times before, but this time, it feels real. In all likelihood, Jones will have a brand new deal by the end of the week that will put him at or near the top of the WR heap in the NFL.

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7 comments on “Falcons Create Room For Julio Jones Deal

  1. whiteroddy

    Julio deserves it…Best WR in the league…Future hall of famer…pay the man!!

    • ahale224

      They are, and they were always going to. As well they should. He is elite and for a receiver, not a diva.

  2. crazylarry

    HOF yes. Pure greed yes. Who couldn’t live on 15 million a year. Guys like this ruin it for the fans. All the players are worried about is how much someone else is making. Go ahead Falcons so when his 30 year old body becomes 31,32 year old see how that goes. Falcons have never won anything with or without him. Pure greed at its best.

  3. jmccoy1252

    Stop with your Holier than Thou attitude Crazy Larry. Don’t act as if you would not market your skills to get the highest pay possible if you were the best at your job. Besides, Arthur Blank is largely responsible for this situation as he threw Dimitroff under the bus by constantly reiterating that Julio would be a Falcon for Life.

    • crazylarry

      Obviously JM you aren’t a man of his word. He signed the contract. He went back on his word from when he signed. Want more $$ play it out and re-sign. You need to understand their is such thing as Integrity and doing what you say you will do. I am the best at my job. I have proven it over the years. I also know I wouldn’t go back on my word. Falcon for life doesn’t mean “ screw the team” and payroll going forward. No it was a “ Me first” deal and he has proven that in the past. Like I said earlier they haven’t won with him and without. If you think my attitude is “ Holier than thou” maybe you need to take a long look in the mirror.

  4. millieclan

    Julio is a good receiver but don’t handicap your franchise, there window has closed with him , sentimental time is over ,time to get younger and faster

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