Jaguars Owner Shad Khan Willing To Give Jalen Ramsey Record-Breaking Deal

Tensions have been boiling between the Jaguars and Jalen Ramsey for quite some time. The cornerback wants out, but owner Shad Khan doesn’t necessarily want to let him get away, as Ian Rapoport of reports. 

The assumption has been that Jacksonville’s game against Tennessee last night would be Ramsey’s last in a Jaguars uniform. After all, Ramsey, who is due for a massive contract in the near future, requested a trade earlier this week, and virtually all of the league’s other 31 teams have expressed at least some degree of interest. Plus, the Jags have received multiple trade offers that include a first-round draft choice heading to Jacksonville, though it doesn’t sound as if a rival club has dangled two first-rounders, which is what the Jaguars are reportedly seeking.

But Khan apparently wants to continue building around Ramsey, one of the league’s best corners, and he’s willing to pony up record-breaking cash to do it. Presently, Miami’s Xavien Howard is at the top of the cornerback market in terms of total contract value ($75.25MM) and AAV ($15.05MM), while Washington’s Josh Norman is the pacesetter in terms of fully-guaranteed money ($36.5MM). Given his youth and track record, Ramsey should easily clear those numbers.

However, Ramsey is dissatisfied with at least one member of the club’s front office, and while we don’t know for sure, it’s reasonable to guess that he and executive VP Tom Coughlin don’t have the warmest of relationships. Perhaps a contract that far exceeds those of other top corners will be the salve that keeps Ramsey in Jacksonville for the long haul (unless another team does offer two first-round draft picks for him, which would be very difficult for Khan to turn down).

Ramsey refused to talk about his trade demand after last night’s win.

Rory Parks contributed to this post.

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10 comments on “Jaguars Owner Shad Khan Willing To Give Jalen Ramsey Record-Breaking Deal

  1. TrollHunter

    Khan would be smart to keep Ramsey and find replacements for Coughlin & Marone.

    • ffjsisk

      The one year Jax had competent quarterback play they made the AFC championship. Personally I’d dump Ramsey for a 1 and a 2 and move on. The defense will still be phenomenal.

  2. hoosierhysteria

    Ramsey probably doesn’t relate to coughlin old school mindset. If he says that to owner…..will tom retire? The Minshew kid is fun. When does mike leach get his credit? He has 2 starting QBs in the NFL! Maybe Washington State wins pac12 this year and makes the playoffs….no, the NCAA won’t include them….just like UCF.

  3. JJB0811

    Ramsey sells seats and jerseys; should keep him around. Plus is the face of the franchise. Everyone knows who he is.

  4. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Tom Coughlin accomplished a lot in his career, but he is an old, irrelevant dinosaur at this point.

    If I’m Khan, I’m offering Ramsey a contract and telling him that I’m also handling Tom his gold watch as a retirement gift.

    Best course a business and I NEVER really support players when they pull this “trade me” stuff.

  5. I agree with everyone about Coughlin, he’s just an old, crotchety guy. I would still trade Ramsey primarily bc he’s a constant complainer. Two weeks into the season he wants a trade after things aren’t going his way. Why hand someone like that a massive deal? The talent is undeniable, he was going to get paid one way or another, there are 52 other guys in the locker room that believe in one another, send Ramsey packing for a guy who won’t be a punk all the dang time.

  6. clemente3000

    Coughlin was a bust in Jax the first time after could deliver with the talent he had. Then he had some success in NY until his ways got old there too.

    Not a fan of Coughlin but the players can not dictate the franchise. Too much of this going on now which is not good for the league. Drafted in the top 10 then complain to go play for someone else.

  7. jonesadoug

    Great!!!! I was worried the Chiefs would actually give 2 first round picks for him. Good player but not worth that!!!

  8. mrpadre19

    Ramsey has repeatedly said this is not about money.
    “God will handle that”.
    So how does this change his discontent?

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