Jaguars To Trade Jalen Ramsey On Friday?

One of the league’s very best cornerbacks is on the block. The Jaguars seem willing and ready to move Jalen Ramsey, but they won’t deal him before Thursday night’s game against the Titans, sources tell Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). Instead, Rapoport hears that Friday is the “likely target date” for a trade. 

For a trade to come together between now and then, rival teams will have to step up their offers, or the Jags will have to reduce their asking price. Currently, the Jaguars are said to be seeking two first-round picks for Ramsey. Meanwhile, as far as we know, they’ve only received offers of one first-round choice from two different clubs.

Despite all the noise, Ramsey says he’s focused on balling out against the Titans.

I have nothing bad or negative to say about anyone in the building. I don’t want to speak on it or give too much detail. I will let God do his work,” Ramsey said on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Jaguars To Trade Jalen Ramsey On Friday?

  1. phillyballers

    So play him then trade him? Interesting… Idk what NFLPA has to say about it.

    Regardless 1st and 3rd probably takes it if they have a hard deadline. Trade him before something bad happens, league is like the walking dead.

  2. JJB0811

    I’d love for him too get a (minor) injury just to see his value decrease! Screw the Jags.

        • earmbrister

          I had the unfortunate experience of having another me first player on not one, but two of my favorite teams at once (baseball/football). There are no Deion Sanders jerseys in my closet. I detest the man to this day, including his awful inept performances as a sportscaster.

          • greg7274

            I dont like Deion either. I elaborated in another comment, but I guess I was too honest… and it got bumped, lol.
            Same goes for Michael Irvin, inflated egos that think every player needs their input.

      • JJB0811

        The Jags were miserable well before he was drafted and will continue to rot after Jalen is gone. At some point, the fans need to hold the franchises accountable rather than blaming 1 player. Literally 70% of the franchises don’t even try and compete and its killing the game.

  3. GONEcarlo

    Not that it would happen, but would he technically be allowed to play for the Jags on Thursday, and then a different team on Sunday?

  4. dustyceltics

    I’d say if he plays Thursday and then gets traded he would not be allowed to play until the following week

  5. So they want two first rounders and are getting offers for one first rounder from two different teams? Great, just trade him to both teams and pocket both the picks. Easy peezy!

  6. fieldsj2

    If they’re definitely trading him, no way he should play Thursday. Why take the risk?

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