Jamal Adams: “I’m Focused On [The Jets]”

Jets star safety Jamal Adams caused quite the stir this week when he unfollowed the Jets on Instagram (In this day and age, that’s a big deal.) However, in a radio interview this week, Adams indicated that he isn’t looking to force a trade. 

It’s social media. It’s outside noise,” Adams said, while refusing to explain why he created the social media drama in the first place (via Howie Kussoy of the New York Post). “I’m not focused on that..I’m focused on this team. I’m not focused on the outside noise. I’m just focused on how we can get better and get a win.”

The Jets have gone 9-25 since Adams was drafted by the club and things probably aren’t going to get better in the coming weeks as Sam Darnold remains sidelined with mono and Luke Falk runs the offense. Still, Adams says everything is cool between him and coach Adam Gase – even after Gase pulled him off the field late in Monday night’s loss due to back-to-back penalties.

He wants to win as much as anyone I’ve ever been around. I’m sure at that point in the game he was extremely frustrated,” Gase said. “When he gets like that, and you want to go make a play, and the score’s a little lopsided like that, you get a little over-aggressive. … I thought it was a smart idea as far as just trying to do that and get him settled down.”

Gang Green – also known as the Walking Wounded – will face the Patriots on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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9 comments on “Jamal Adams: “I’m Focused On [The Jets]”

  1. How does someone even realize that he unfollowed the team? There’s no notification or post that shows when you unfollow someone on IG. How does this stuff get out in the media otherwise? Is there a possibility this story came from him originally?

    • JDGoat

      You mean you don’t go through who all your favorite athletes follow every day?

    • Rocket32

      To be fair, this is something that some guys that ended up demanding trades and wanting out have done. It’s not something to read too much into but considering how much he wants to win, the state of the Jets, and becoming a common move for upset players to make, its something to note in my opinion.

  2. TrollHunter

    Gase is such a donkey! He’s the new Jeff Fisher, the Jets should have payed attention to what happened in Miami and found a better coach!

    • Rocket32

      How is it Gase’s fault? The Jets still aren’t that great at 100%, never mind missing a group of key players. That team would’ve been destroyed by Cleveland no matter who was coaching it. Even Belichick couldn’t win with that offense.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Gase already having urinating contest with defense coaches. Did he hire his staff? He is weird dude. Bad hire.

  4. smytds

    Our team is known as the walking wounded? Thanks for the update there, Zach. Nice reporting

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