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The NFL’s meeting with Antonio Brown accuser Britney Taylor spanned 10 hours Tuesday, but the league does not have a timeline on potential discipline for the Patriots wide receiver, Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports.

Taylor has accused Brown of multiple instances of sexual assault and filed a civil suit against the 31-year-old wideout. Brown has denied the allegations. Brown made his Patriots debut Sunday and remains on New England’s active roster.

Since Taylor’s suit, another woman has come forward accusing Brown of sexual misconduct. An unidentified artist Brown commissioned to paint a portrait of him at his Pittsburgh-area home said the then-Steeler approached her from behind while she was painting and did so with only a towel covering his genitals, Robert Klemko of reports. The artist said she met Brown at a National Youth Foundation charity auction. NYF co-founder Sophia Hanson told Maske she has not been contacted by the league and, to her knowledge, neither has the artist.

The second accuser is not pressing charges, Klemko adds. Brown’s attorney tweeted his client denies this accusation as well. Brown has not been charged with a crime.

Were Brown to be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, he would still be paid but would be ineligible to join Patriots teammates for practices or games. The NFL has used this tactic during pending cases, though this matter is somewhat different given that it’s a civil case and not a criminal investigation.

The league’s investigation is expected to take months, per The Athletic’s Daniel Wallach (subscription required). So an exempt list decision could well be a defining moment for Brown’s 2019 season. Ultimately, Taylor’s testimony helps lead the legal reporter to the conclusion that Roger Goodell will place Brown on the exempt list soon.

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21 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown

  1. jkurk_22

    Let the guy play. If he’s found to be guilty then you punish him severely. Innocent until proven guilty though

    • cubsfanbudman1908

      Because that’s not how the NFL policy is written. It wouldn’t be right to change it now after all the other exempt list/suspensions that have been handed down. (Not that the NFL cares about what’s right)

    • One is a civil case, which is liable/not liable (ie, there is no innocent/guilty dichotomy). One is declining to press charges, so there’s no innocent/guilty there, either.

      Further, the NFL has punished plenty of players irrespective of whether or not they’ve been found guilty of something or even have been accused of doing anything illegal.

      Finally, the fact that the NFL has not disciplined him already for threatening violence against his own GM in Oakland is pretty remarkable and out of character for the NFL. I’m not sure what they’re waiting for on that one because it’s been corroborated already.

  2. goldenmisfit

    This always happens when someone sees another woman could get money all of a sudden it’s “the same thing happened to me“ also this is an artist who did a new painting is she not aware normally when the subject enters the room they have nothing on but a towel around their waist what a moron!

    • joeshmoe11

      Uh woman #2 isn’t pressing charges or suing, you misogynistic clown. She’s only offering her story as some sort of corroboration.

      • vtncsc

        LOL at getting all riled up over some chick who can’t back up her claim. It’s the internet, clown, settle down.

    • She’s not pressing charges or asking for any money, so what exactly are you babbling about here?

      • compassrose

        I would think the texts were pretty straight forward. Those are forgotten when you are a Pats fan and you want to make excuses.

  3. GMB 883

    I don’t believe he’s going on the exempt list. Not for a civil case. First the Commissioner needs to hear what Brown and his cousin Marquise have to say. I think Brown is playing all year unless something new comes out like a reveling video or something that places the NFL in a no win position publicly. They always protect the shield.

  4. Dorothy_Mantooth

    If AB is put on the exempt list, this would be a new (and risky) decision by the NFL. The claims against AB are horrible; especially the forcible rape charge…but this is being done through a CIVIL lawsuit and not criminal charges. I don’t believe the NFL has ever suspended anyone based on pending civil suit allegations and doing so would be precedent setting for sure. I am certainly not defending AB nor trying to disparage the accuser. I am trying to take emotion and personal beliefs out of the equation and look at the facts. Suspending AB for a pending Civil Suit (which will take the full NFL season to complete) will cut AB’s earnings significantly due to the incentive-laden provisions in his contract and the NFLPA will certainly file their own suit against the league. It will also change the entire landscape of the NFL and future civil allegations, so the NFL really needs to think long and hard about using the Exempt list here.

    Based on the recent SI article, AB seems to cause a lot of disruption, anger and distrust with people he hires or employs, but the NFL needs to block all of that out when making this decision. This is about the allegations of one woman being brought to light in a civil lawsuit…now it’s up to Goodell to make the ‘right’ decision. Should be interesting to say the least!

      • Because there’s a long line of rape accusers who have made a lot of money and weren’t buried by the public via name-calling, shaming, and harassment.

        Oh no, wait. That’s the opposite of reality.

    • bigeasye

      This makes total sense. The only issue is there is no way to prove a criminal case at this point in time so for the accuser this is the only appropriate avenue.

  5. hersch

    All the rape allegations aside he should be placed on the exempt list for threatening his ex GM with violence and using racist slurs.

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Obviously there’s nothing to her accusation. I’m sure they spent most of those ten hours discussing her favorites Super Bowl halftime shows.

    And despite remaining anonymous and filing no lawsuits, this second accuser is clearly just a fame seeking gold digger.

  7. nick effing punto

    Classic Pats. They will keep an athlete up to the point they shoot someone execution style. And even then wont automatically cut a guy. Winning is more important than ethics or integrity in Boston.

  8. carlos15

    Pretty sure the NFL discipline policy is for Roger to arbitrarily decide any discipline for any reason and in any circumstance. It’s remarkable that a league like the NFL has no actual policy that’s enforced, just a one man decision making process who does what he wants. Brown sucks as a person but the NFL policy is even worse cause it makes all of these situations these drawn own ridiculous processes.

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