Latest On Negotiations Between Dak Prescott, Cowboys

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are not expected to have a deal completed before the team plays its week 1 game against the Giants later today.

Prescott isn’t rushing to sign a new contract, as he’ll instead wait to receive what he deems as a fair one. The quarterback isn’t too worried about the potential risk for injury, as he has loss of value and disability insurance policies that are valued at over $50MM, sources tell Adam Schefter of Prescott also has several multi-year endorsements.

“Obviously I want to see it done,” Prescott previously said. “To put a time frame on it, I think I’ve said this before, I’m not going to do that. At this point my focus is all on the Giants and the Giants defense and what this team needs to do to win the game. And next week it will roll to the next opponent. I don’t want to blur my mind or distract myself any with thinking about those talks or thinking about what’s going on when I’ve got enough on my plate to handle. So I’m just focused on the Giants and I’ve got people to take care of [the contract].”

The team would like to get a deal done before the game, though they’ll continue negotiations through the season if they can’t accomplish that goal. Should Prescott and the Cowboys not come to a deal before the offseason, the franchise tag would be a possibility for the quarterback. The two sides are undergoing negotiations this morning, as David Moore of the Dallas Morning News tweets.

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11 comments on “Latest On Negotiations Between Dak Prescott, Cowboys

  1. afsooner02

    He’s not worth 20 mil a season….Dallas will regret giving him 35-40 mill a season.

    • ziggy13

      lol ok. low 20s is the ABSOLUTE floor for a starting QB (see Foles, Nick). Any young competant QB that teams still see as having potential to continue to grow coming off his rookie deal is getting close to 30, minimum

      • afsooner02

        Foles, Nick won a super bowl….Dak hasn’t sniffed one yet. If Dallas is ever going to win one again they need more than just a game manager. They’ll need a legit QB. I know what the market dictates, but he’s not worth that.

    • earmbrister

      af – you’re delusional if you think that Prescott is not worth $ 20MM per season. Garoppolo and Cousins are making $ 28 MM per.

      He’ll be worth every penny of $ 30- $ 35.

  2. fishy2022

    That offense is nothing without Zeke, They are really lucky they signed him to an extension.

    • Wellthisshouldbeinteresting

      True, but you can say that about several offenses in the league. It isn’t Dallas specific.

    • justinkm19

      Actually, they weren’t anything without Cooper. All 3 play an important role

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