Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Plans To Report

The Chargers remain without Melvin Gordon as the running back is holding out for a new contract. Sources tell Ian Rapoport of that Gordon will not sit out the entire season like Le’Veon Bell did last year. Instead, he plans to report between Weeks 6 and 8. 

Gordon will play on the $5.6MM fifth-year option of his contract this season, though that amount will be prorated based on how many games he plays. He must report before Week 10 in order to qualify for free agency next season.

Gordon’s plan to sit out for up to half of the season is a risk management tactic, as he wants to mitigate the chances of injury heading into free agency. He’s missed nine games because of injuries in his four years, though he’s played hurt in several games.

Los Angeles has already fined Gordon over $1MM and previously gave him permission to seek a trade. The Eagles were among the interested teams in his services, though the Chargers found their offer underwhelming. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson will split touches while Gordon is away.

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26 comments on “Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Plans To Report

  1. braveshomer

    He’s not coming back week 6-8, why would he do that? He wants a new contract he’s not getting from Chargers… might as well wait til week 10, play sparingly and become a free agent. Coming back earlier benefits him in no way, this’ll drag on with ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ reports for weeks like Bell smh

    • vinman66

      Are you nuts? He has to come back even sooner if he wants a big contract, he is NOT in the same league as Bell or Elliott,. He has to build up a Resume for him self, and sitting out is NOT the way to do it.

      • tigerd7335

        Your super high can I have some of your smoke he is ABSOLUTELY I’m the same league as Bell and Elliot

        • haywire4fun

          How did you come up with that? I’m not going to bring up bell because I don’t agree with his contract but Elliot has more yards on less carries, more touchdowns, and 1 less season. Not even close to his level.

    • bklynny67

      Because of he doesn’t return then, he won’t qualify for playing enough this season and therefore would not be able to be a free agent until after next season. So yes, he will be reporting around the time mentioned.

      • trident

        “He must report before week 10 in order to qualify for free agency next season.” He won’t be back weeks 6-8. He’ll be back ready for week 10 by showing up after the 9th game.

      • braveshomer

        No its week 10 he must report by to accrue a year of service lol…not the ‘weeks mentioned’ smh

    • Ronk325

      My thoughts exactly. Gordon won’t report until he absolutely has to but until then we’ll get these fake reports just like last year with Bell

  2. snotrocket

    He is going to be disappointed when he comes back, sucks, and ends up with a 1 year deal next year for less than he would have made this year if he played the whole season.

    • bklynny67

      That makes no sense whatsoever! What are you even talking about? That’s exactly what Gordon wants because he doesn’t wanna risk injury. The Chargers would still have to pay him and he gets his way and heads into free agency healthy with no added milage.

      I swear some people post on here being completely clueless.

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Well the Chargers could trade Gordon to the Raiders, who can clearly afford him now.
    Problem is what kind of shape is Gordon in?
    He hasn’t practiced, he has not trained as much as he should have!

    Oh well the sage continues.
    Plus the Chargers are supposed to be good this year and this Gordon clown is a malcontent. So on second thought maybe the Raiders don’t need him

    Ugh too many Prim a-donnas on the NFL

    • rgreen

      Have you been sarcastic about this?

      Every Gordon post you talk about the Raiders needing him,but they just drafted the top rb from this past years draft.Rbs don’t get the qb or te treatment,where they sit or play a minimum role for a year.Even late round rbs get action in their rookie years.

      Are you saying it,kinda comparing it to acquiring Brown,after trading away Mack.

      • haywire4fun

        He’s saltier then the little Chinese kids working in the salt mines lol.

  4. manos

    The NFL should flip the rules on these idiots who refuse to report even though they’re under contract. They should get $0 if they miss even one game for “failure to report” while under contract to hold out, even if they play the 15 other games and the following season they should only be allowed to sign a max of a 1-year deal at league minimum. It’s one thing to fail to report when you’re not under contract, it’s another to hold out for an extension. They hold an entire team and the teams plans hostage.

    • SuperSinker

      Yes the league with a CTE problem is too generous towards their players, specifically their running backs..

      What is wrong with you people.

  5. sufferfortribe

    If he doesn’t report until then, then the Chargers should suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Everyone in the Spano’s family is still clutching the first nickel they stole. RUN as fast and as far from this organization as you can Melvin.

  7. bobby cox

    Another class act. I know the NFL’s ratings are off the chart but these guys are hard to stomach.

  8. crazylarry

    Just another greedy player who thinks way too much of himself. I will take the $10 million any time.

  9. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    It’d be weird if he got injured right away because he wasn’t in game shape.

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