Melvin Gordon To Report To Chargers

After reports earlier today suggested that Melvin Gordon may be ending his holdout and returning to the Chargers soon, Ian Rapoport of reports that Gordon will indeed report to the team tomorrow (Twitter link). Gordon will not play in the team’s matchup against Miami on Sunday, but he will presumably return to action the following week.

Gordon needed to return before Week 10 in order to qualify for free agency next season, so he is reporting with plenty of time to spare. However, having missed three weeks of action, he will lose out on roughly $1MM of his $5.6MM 2019 salary, not to mention potential fines (which the team may opt to rescind).

Statistically, Los Angeles’ rushing game has not suffered too much in Gordon’s absence, as Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson have 56 carries for 302 yards (good for 5.4 yards per carry) and two TDs. Ekeler is responsible for both of those scores, and he has also been a contributor in the passing game, adding two receiving touchdowns as well.

However, the Chargers have dropped their last two games, and while they are racking up a lot of yardage, they don’t have the points to show for it. Adding another talented and versatile back could certainly help.

The last we heard, Los Angeles was not planning to give Gordon a new contract during the 2019 season, and the Chargers are clearly not willing to give Gordon the type of contract he is seeking. Indeed, per ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Gordon expects 2019 to be his last season with the Chargers (Twitter link).

Jeremy Fowler of adds that Gordon was open to being traded to the Texans, who were a logical suitor given their running back needs (Twitter link). But despite the fact that the Chargers gave Gordon permission to seek a trade, Fowler says Los Angeles never made a trade a viable option, with the implication being that the Bolts put a prohibitively high price tag on their former first-round pick.

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12 comments on “Melvin Gordon To Report To Chargers

  1. JDGoat

    Thank god. Hopefully the passing game gets a boost with this, especially since Williams and Henry aren’t at 100%

  2. JJB0811

    Chargers are so cheap, no way they forfeit the fines!

    As for Gordon, not really sure what he accomplished other than seeing him be replaceable. Same for the other RB’s, cheap labor is in the draft. Bell lost $14m last year and now on an 0-3 team. Just not a valuable position.

    • afsooner02

      Missed all of camp and 4 games. His intent is to get through the season unscathed so he can cash in with another team. Not sure why he is showing up now instead of week 10 but whatever. Him missing out on 5 million is small compared to the big payday he’s trying to get next offseason.

      Maybe there was secret agreement since the bolts were 1-2 that Gordon gets his entire 5 million paycheck for 2019 if he comes back now. Who knows? Maybe he will tell us why now….

      • JJB0811

        Why would the forfeit the fines and let him be a FA next year? They took a business stand this summer & will do so next off season.

      • Chris

        So I PFT did something yesterday stating that the 10 week thing is really just hearsay and the true designation relies in the Joey Galloway situation. He needed 8 games. And the Chargers could put Gordon on the exempt list or something for up to 3 weeks so he needed to show up by week 5 at the latest to ensure he has a season. Not sure how true that is but just what Florio said

    • bigjonliljon

      Why should they not charge him the fines? He knew he would be fined for not showing up. He took that responsibility on by his own accord.

      • afsooner02

        Because they’re desperate to get him back….I didn’t say it happened, just wondering why he is coming back now as opposed to week 10.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    This season ticket is through with this moron. Hit the road yo Melvin. You can’t win with dumb. Patriots win with smart!

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