Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades

The Dolphins’ season got off to a disastrous start as they were pummeled by the Ravens 59-10. The loss was ugly, but things apparently got even worse after the game.

Multiple Dolphins players reached out to their agents following the loss and asked them to get them traded out of Miami, a source told Mike Florio of It’s the last thing this Dolphins team needed, as the organization is going through a tumultuous time. We had heard there would be a “revolt” in the locker room if the team traded away left tackle Laremy Tunsil, and that appears to be materializing now that Tunsil has been moved.

Just about everybody has accused the Dolphins of intentionally tanking the 2019 season, although rookie head coach Brian Flores has been steadfast in his denials. Florio writes that “the players believe that the coaching staff, despite claiming that they intend to try to win, aren’t serious about competing and winning.” It’s unclear which players are involved, although it’d presumably be the team’s few remaining veterans. For what it’s worth, the Dolphins told Florio that they haven’t heard of any trade requests, yet.

Miami has been sending their older players packing at a rapid rate, and they’re now the youngest team in the league. They started Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, but he was replaced in the second half by Josh Rosen. However, after the game, Flores said he’ll be starting Fitzpatrick again next week at home against the Patriots. The Dolphins have had a ton of success at home against New England in recent years, but they’ll clearly need to figure out their internal issues before they can get things sorted on the field.

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32 comments on “Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades

  1. apaca1ypse

    As a long time Phins fan, I gotta say: can’t blame em. Only die hard fans have to endure this crap. In this new age of sports the player doesn’t.

      • asuchrisc

        As a Lions fan, I feel ya. At least the Dolphins are tanking on purpose. The Lions did it unintentionally.

        • vacommish

          And as a Redskins fan and STH, I often wish I could do a blood transfusion to get this team out of my system. But the glory days in my childhood are as part of me as the scar I got playing backyard football pretending to be Art Monk making a game winning catch….

          • badco44

            Ditto…..yeah skins owner has really screwed this team up for twenty years… once one of the proudest, now one of the poorest….no one can take a loser this long… feel for Cleveland and Miami.. also in the same boat

          • badco44

            Ditto…..yeah skins owner has really screwed this team up for twenty years… once one of the proudest, now one of the poorest….no one can take a loser this long… feel for Cleveland and Miami.. also in the same boat

  2. TJECK109

    I feel bad for Flores on this one. They should have just stuck with Gase if they were going to do this. What will happen now is the front office will stock pile draft picks for the next regime to reap the rewards from. It’s similar to what happened in Cleveland.

    And no I’m not saying he previous regime in Cleveland would have turned the team into what it is today but they should get a sliver of credit for setting the new front office up with surplus to deal from.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Gase got himself fired, purposely. Couldn’t have kept him if they tried. This will take time to fix and if they let Flores develop into a good HC, they might have something.

    • “And no I’m not saying he previous regime in Cleveland would have turned the team into what it is today”

      A team who gets blown out by 30 at home to the Titans? Pretty sure the previous regime could have handled that.

  3. amk3510

    When someone offers you multiple 1st rounders and a 2nd for a tackle and a fringe WR2 you take it. Call it tanking or whatever you want, good move for Miami.

      • amk3510

        What were they before? A team stuck in 7 win purgatory. Blowing it up is better than stuck in the middle and if you think otherwise you dont know sports

        • Steven Juris

          They will go through multiple GMs and coaches. It’s taken the Browns almost 20 years of deliberately tanking to be relevant

    • highplainsdriftr

      What I don’t get is, they are the players left on a tanking roster. Who is trying to trade for them?

      • There are still some decent players around. Xavien Howard is one of the better corners in the league. Kenyan Drake is still a dangerous weapon out of the backfield and would be a higher profile back if he was on a better team the past few years. Reshad Jones and Minkah Fitzpatrick are solid safeties and Fitzpatrick is still young enough that he could be a key piece of a good defense for the next 5+ years.

  4. of9376

    Miami is doing the right thing by “tanking”. They weren’t contending even if they didn’t make the trades. They are now positioned to reload and possibly compete for years to come; however, it’s going to take 2-3 years to see any results.

  5. JJB0811

    There’s no way a new HC will survive a season if they get blown out by 30 or more points each week. That looked liked Alabama vs Southern Alabama State or some other sacrificial team for stats.

  6. Is there anyone that would be anything more than a backup at best on another team? Maybe Kilgore or perhaps drake.

    • votto68

      There is a pretty good young core on defense, i.e. Howard, Mincah, Wilkins, Baker.

  7. Jack0207

    Losing to the ravens badly is nothing new to the Dolphins. The two previous meetings Miami lost by 40 points in 2017 and 38-6 in 2016. They own us.

  8. kylewait89

    I mean I feel bad for Brian Flores because he’s been hamstrung by a lack of talent. Let JaWuan James go. Traded Tunsil and Stills. Cut Alonso. They have some fantastic cover corners but no pass rush and no LB core. None of the OL would start elsewhere. It’s pathetic. You don’t let go of M-Fitz, Howard, Wilkins or Godchaux. But I don’t see a single other player on the 53 man roster worth keeping. If you want to split hairs, maybe McCain and Jones. But it’s time to look at what you have and say “what can I get for it?”

    • I kind of agree here. Flores will just end up being the scapegoat in a year or two (if he even makes it past this season). He’s not really getting a fair shot to show he can be a good coach when the roster is basically scraps and dart throws. Not that I’m saying he would’ve been a good coach even if the Dolphins had an actual roster, but unfortunately he’s likely going to end up as another member of the “Patriots’ assistant coach who failed as head coach” club.

      • kylewait89

        I honestly think if they had a better roster he’d be a decent coach. Might not win 10 games but after one shellacking I’m already wondering if 0-16 is possible.

  9. doublee919

    I get the tanking. Makes complete sense. But you tank for a QB. Why trade a second rounder for Rosen? Nobody is out there tanking for a DL.

  10. rgreen

    You also want to draft the right qb,and there’s a full season ahead to figure out if that guys gonna be there.Matt Barkley was considered a top pick one year,became a 4th a year later.There’s also no guarantee that he’ll be ready,even if he is there.And then there’s a chance they might not feel good enough about the offense around him to put him out there right away.

  11. MileHighFan

    Asking for trades? Who would want players who can’t cover and can’t tackle?

  12. angels4life

    Rosen won’t play until after the Bye. Why start him against any of the 4 playoff teams they start the year playing. It was all planned prior, start Rosen in Week 6 when they are 0-4 and then see what you got in Rosen. By then, the offensive line and top receiving options should be determined. Either way they are tanking for sure.

  13. crosseyedlemon

    Can the Dolphin players that want to be traded please explain how the trading of Tunsil resulted in the Ravens scoring 59 points? Last time I checked Tunsil played on the OL.

  14. Jack0207

    When the rumors were being floated about trading Tunsil, the Dolphins locker room said they would revolt. They made the trade anyway. Is this a revolt?

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