NFL Reviewing Concussion Protocol

The NFL and its player’s association have initiated a review of the concussion protocol after Giants WR Sterling Shepard suffered a concussion, yet was allowed to stay in the game last week, Adam Schefter of reports.

Both the league and union are attempting to figure out what exactly happened on Sunday vs. the Cowboys. Shepard collided with CB Anthony Brown, feel backward and struggled to get up. Shepard waived off the Giants personnel that attempted to get him off the field and Shepard remained in the game.

The NFL has two spotters on the sidelines who are on the lookout for signs that a player has a concussion during a game. Shepard somehow evaded these officials, Schefter writes, and did not miss a play on Sunday. Shepard clearly suffered a concussion, as he has been ruled out in Week 2 because of the ailment.

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3 comments on “NFL Reviewing Concussion Protocol

  1. kevin

    the players have to be on board for it to be more effective. as we see they player was not on board and wanted to stay in so he acted like he was fine and avoided the spotters. which means it will end up forcing a new rule maybe any time u get a big hit u have to come out of the game and get checked out . I mean it will put more backups in the game but starters won’t like it . but if players are not helping themselves the nfl will be forced to do more to ensure safty

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Spotter #1: “Which one of these guys is Shepard?”
    Spotter #2: “Who the heck knows…they all look like lost sheep to me”.

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