Raiders Interested In Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey‘s time in Jacksonville may be coming to an end. The Jaguars play on Thursday night and it’s been reported that Friday is the “likely target date” for the team to trade the 24-year-old.

The Raiders are one of the teams that have checked in with the Jaguars about the cornerback, a source tells Vic Tafur of The Athletic. Ramsey has previously indicated that the Raiders and Titans would be his ideal destinations, though that was back in August before any serious chatter of the team trading him.

“I like (Las) Vegas,” Ramsey said back in August. “They don’t have any state income tax.”

The Raiders will move to Las Vegas next season. The move will be costly for the team and adding Ramsey, who will be expecting a new deal, could be problematic. Cash flow for an extension could be an issue for the Raiders, as Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune tweets.

Jacksonville is reportedly asking for two first-round picks for Ramsey with a 2020 first-rounder as a baseline in negotiations. The Raiders have two selections in the upcoming draft: their own and the Bears’ pick (from the Khalil Mack trade).

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23 comments on “Raiders Interested In Jalen Ramsey

  1. lambeau gang

    Jalen may want to rethink his position on a trade then, unless he’s trying to one-up AB’s drama with the Raiders.

  2. Thronson5

    Any time would be foolish not to be interested in the talent he has. But personally I feel the Raiders can’t afford another headcase after AB. If they trade away assets and he quits on them they all could and should be fired by Davis.

  3. phillyballers

    So he just wants to be paid AND win. Who doesn’t? Mack vs Ramsey vs 2 Potential Players…. They sucked with Mack, Sucked with Nnamdi… idk

    • Steezy

      They didn’t suck with Mack. They went 12-4 in large part to him. They only got bounced because Connor cook started

      • mcdusty49

        It’s ok, Philly fans don’t like facts or statistics…don’t waste your time trying to explain

  4. crosseyedlemon

    No mention of how he would like to work for Gruden or try to improve the Raider defense…just that he likes the prospect of a tax haven. Who wouldn’t want a player with that kind of commitment?

  5. Jack0207

    If you look at Wikipedia, they have Ramsey as a member of the Raiders. Then if you click onto Wikipedia it still has him on the Jaguars. Already a done deal??

  6. MajorLeague79

    Doesn’t seem like a smart move by the Raiders as they have a lot of needs currently. So they will probably get him.

  7. Sirsleepit

    They literally just got out of paying AB. How the F**** do they NOT have cap space for a deal?

    • phillyballers

      Those odds are even. 30 HOF LBs some crossover DL in there, and 30 HOF DBs.

  8. Who_Farted

    What are the raiders doing? They didn’t wanna pay a player like Khalil Mack or Amari Cooper but wanna trade for and pay players like AB and JR.

    • phillyballers

      They got premium picks and gave up less for AB, him being psycho wasn’t planned. Would rather he had an injury than what happened. They haven’t traded for Ramsey yet. Never know they could deal Carr lol.

  9. bowserhound

    It’s simple; the Raiders secondary is garbage and JR is a stud CB. Seems like a fit.

  10. crazylarry

    Why would he want to “ play for a winner” and then want to go to Oakland or Tennessee? Those teams can’t get out of their own way. The Titans with what Marcus Marietta does Ramsey want to replay the Bortles years? Carr “ I only want to throw to open corners”?

  11. mitchrapp

    I hate when these athletes complain about taxes and are so ignorant about politics they support democrats.

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