Seahawks Geno Smith: I Had Better Offers

The Seahawks dropped quarterback Geno Smith prior to the 53-man roster deadline, only to re-sign him two days later. For the Seahawks, it was a clever way to shuffle the roster – for one reason or another, they did not fear losing Smith to another team in free agency.

But, according to the one-time Jets starter, he drew more lucrative offers than what the Seahawks were willing to give him after his brief break from the team.

I had some teams call me, actually offering me more money,” Smith said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “But, I decided to stay. . . . It’s always tempting when you get offered more money, right? But I didn’t want to move.

Smith’s 2019 salary is believed to be $805K, the same as his original contract with the Seahawks. We have yet to hear of specific clubs that were interested in signing Smith during his 48-hour stint on the market.

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14 comments on “Seahawks Geno Smith: I Had Better Offers

  1. bradthebluefish

    Wonder if the Colts, Redskins, or Ravens were calling. He’d be a good backup to those QBs.

    • amk3510

      Between Keenum and Haskins and possibly McCoy (not sure if he will play this year) the Skins are set at QB

      • ckln88

        Set is the last thing that the Redskins are at QB haha. None of those guys are proven at all besides Keenum’s one fluke season. They ain’t got sh*t

    • Colts i believe would be the one offering more money as I think Geno fits Brisset more than Cassell so wouldnt be a as drastic a change in offense type. That and they have a ton of money.

      Ravens have rg3 and haskins is the future for redskins so not really sure a reason to grab smith.

  2. dugdog83

    I seriously doubt he had more money offers. If there were, it was incentive based knowing he’s not gonna get it. Nice try Geno.

    • crosseyedlemon

      He got calls from the McDonald’s Mustangs, Burger King Bulldogs and Wendy’s Warriors.

  3. bigfreddy2000

    What’s the reasoning to cut someone and resign them? This one with smith getting the same contract and d Thomas in New England getting more money I believe. Does it have something to do with deciding between 2 other players making the roster and the team needing more time to decide or what’s the deal?

    • i think it has to do with guaranteed money, but i thought that was dependent on 1st game and not final cutoff.

      • compassrose

        It was injured players they wanted to put on IR and be able to play them this season from what I understand.

    • ckln88

      It literally said in the article why they cut him. It was all part of the plan until the Clowney trade went through. C’mon.

      • bigfreddy2000

        I listed d Thomas in ne as well as an example and this article didn’t cover that. So it’s not like this is a one time deal. It seems to happen all the time. That’s why I asked the question. C’mon.

  4. Poisonwell7

    I’m sure his moving costs would cost more than the raise he was offered……..

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