49ers Also Pursued Mohamed Sanu

Some key wide receiver dominoes fell Tuesday, and the 49ers were involved in both. Prior to acquiring Emmanuel Sanders from the Broncos, the 49ers were “heavily” in on Mohamed Sanu, according to Matt Barrows of The Athletic (subscription required).

The Patriots ended up outbidding the 49ers for the Falcon wideout, sending a second-round pick to Atlanta. San Francisco already unloaded its 2020 second-rounder, sending it to Kansas City for Dee Ford in March. Sanu is 30 and signed through 2020; Sanders is 32 and in a contract year.

While Sanders has accomplished more than Sanu, it’s understandable why the 49ers pursued the latter. Sanu’s first Atlanta season came when Kyle Shanahan was running a historically great Falcons offense, which led the team to Super Bowl LI. The third-year 49ers HC was seeking a “big-bodied” wideout in the offseason, per Barrows. Sanu would have filled that role better than Sanders, who ended up costing the 49ers 2020 third- and fourth-round picks.

San Francisco is now without second-, third- and fourth-round picks in next year’s draft. But the 49ers exited Week 7 with their leading wide receiver (Marquise Goodwin) having totaled 181 receiving yards. Sanders, who has 367, should be able to assimilate quickly after playing in ex-49er OC Rich Scangarello‘s offense.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “49ers Also Pursued Mohamed Sanu

    • Dufus magee

      Not very intelligent of a statement. They move back 10 slots or so from high forth to low fifth round and get a compensatory pick when sanders leaves after the year is over.

      • rocky7

        No, the article is about the 49ers need for an impact, wide body wide receiver NOW not in next years draft….they missed on OBJ in the offseason by being outmaneuvered by the Browns and now the Patriots got the other guy they wanted and most probably needed….who gives a jeewiz about compensatory picks blah, blah, blah in next years draft….when they lose in the playoffs because they just don’t have an impact wideout to make other teams respect their downfield passing attack, you may see the point.

        • Dodgethis

          Out maneuvered? Sorry, but not giving up bosa for obj was a brilliant move. Meanwhile browns are mediocre at best. 49ers don’t need a superstar hideout, they just need a decent veteran.

        • Thronson5

          They haves big bodied WR..Hurd..who will be coming off the IR as well as Taylor to play the slot. This team will be set at WR. Hopefully they bring back Sanders on a 1 or 2 year deal and move on from Goodwin who I don’t think seems to be meshing well with Jimmy. But for his season, they made a hell of a pick up with Sanders who had double numbers the 9ers leading WR has (Goodwin) and he had Flacco throwing to him so he should do great with the 9ers and it will also take some of the double and triple team coverage off of Kittle and help his numbers some too. All the way around this helps the team and if OT when their get Hurd they’ll have that big WR for those goal line plays.

        • atuck_sfg

          They got out maneuvered? The Giants wanted the niners 2nd overall pick… Pretty sure not trading that away has worked out in the niners favor so far. Hard to work a trade with a team that won’t budge on their asking price.

        • gronk

          Wow , that’s some next level insult rite there. I hope that didn’t take to much of your time!

        • bravesfan88

          Apparently repetitive doofus would be a screen name that better suits you rocky.

          With any and every chance, you have consistently, repetitively, and annoyingly moaned and groaned about how Lynch so superiority failed when he did not give in to the Giants asking price to acquire OBJ.

          You do realize the Giants refused to accept any offer from the 49ers that did not include their number two pick?? At the time, finding another pass rusher was paramount to the 49ers roster. After free agency and the draft, it proved to be even more vital, since the 49ers were clearly relying on an improved pass rush to also help assist their secondary..

          So, by getting Bosa, not only did the 49ers acquire a young and talented, future pro-bowl DE, they also significantly improved their pass rush. Furthermore, as a result, they also ended up helping out their other greatest weakness from last season, their secondary. Now, instead of having to try and cover their zones or men for seemingly 7-8 seconds every play, the 49ers new pass rush is applying pressure, forcing the opposing QBs to get rid of the ball faster. This has instantly led to significantly more sacks, more turnovers, less accurate passes, and it has made their secondary look significantly better, even though they’re primarily the same group from last season..

          Adding OBJ to the 49ers offense could have definitely helped the 49ers become more explosive on offense. However, with that being said, they’re a significantly better team, because Lynch didn’t acquire Bosa. So, ironically, it is that terrible, so-called failure of yours that has actually proven to be one of the driving forces why the 49ers have been so successful this season..

          Just face it, Lynch wouldn’t give in to the Giants demands, the Giants refused to budge, and now, the 49ers are in a significantly better place because of it..

  1. Ironman_4life

    I haven’t watched every down of every game so I’m gonna declined to comment

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