Broncos Likely To Trade Emmanuel Sanders

We heard earlier today that the Broncos were going to listen to trade offers for receiver Emmanuel Sanders, and it sounds like they’re going to do more than just listen.

Denver is now “expected to deal” Sanders before the deadline, sources told Mike Klis of Denver 9 News. The Broncos lost a game to the Chiefs on Thursday, which was widely considered their last stand. Now that they’re 2-5, it looks like they’re going to become sellers. In a tweet, Klis notes that Sanders is “still in play” to suit up for Denver’s Week 8 game in Indianapolis, but that he “has likely played his last home game.” Sanders is 32 now and coming off a major injury, and it doesn’t look like the Broncos are ready to compete anytime soon.

There are a bunch of contenders out there who could use receiver help, including the Patriots, but it’s unclear what kind of compensation Denver will be able to get. Sanders missed the end of last season with an Achilles tear, but was able to make it back for the 2019 opener. He’s had a few big games but has also been completely left out of the offense at times.

Through seven games, Sanders has 30 catches for 367 yards and two touchdowns. Those are some not too shabby numbers, and he clearly has at least something left in the tank. The deadline is a week from this Tuesday, so we’ll know Sanders’ next destination soon. Sanders has been with the team since 2014, and had 1,404 yards and nine touchdowns in his first year with Peyton Manning under center. The Broncos look like they’re going to enter a rebuild, and it’ll be interesting to see what other moves they make. It’s definitely possible cornerback Chris Harris Jr. is shipped out.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 comments on “Broncos Likely To Trade Emmanuel Sanders

    • sidewinder11

      Pretty easy to connect the dots there. Totally depends on what Denver wants in return though.

          • Michael Chaney

            I mean, who else do they really have? They have a few serviceable targets but Sanders would definitely become their best one.

            • jjabrony

              John Brown is the clear #1 in Buff and is on pace for about 90 catches this season. At this point in his career, Sanders would be a decent WR in Buff but not a world changer especially considering they are more of a Good Defense / Run First type of a team.

  1. sportsfan101

    Pats or niners unless another team drastically overpays in a desperate situation.

  2. df08988

    If they don’t trade him, per league rules, best they can get as a compensatory pick is a 5th rounder next year if he signs elsewhere in off season. Therefore Denver can expect a 4th or maybe get a 3rd at most.

      • jjabrony

        They go up to 3rd only if the free agent lost is considered a high level player and signs a high end deal, so df08988’s comment is accurate.

        Problem is the formula for comp picks isnt made public, so it’s a bit of a guessing game.

        • wellyou'rewrong

          What? It’s not based on the subjectivity of whatever a high level player is. It’s mostly based on the contract they sign. “The best they can get is a 5th” isnt a true statement yet is stated as fact.

  3. Natergater77

    3.Seahawks (dark horse)

    I see Pat and Niners offering a 4th which at this point would be what? 4 picks or so before compensatory?

    Seattle might offer 3rd not just to help Russel have a target but keep Niners from getting him. And after today’s loss they may be desperate enough.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Well there are some times where teams don’t get compensatory picks in certain situations, so trading for a 4th doesn’t hurt.

    • Crycket

      What’s his contract look like? If the Vikings had room, and if Thielen misses time, I could definitely see this.

  4. Thomas Bliss

    If he is smart he will get 3 picks out of it. Hopefully a 4th and 7th this year and maybe 7th next year.

  5. Thomas Bliss

    The only other thing I can see is perhaps a trade for a late round pick such as a 6th or 7th and a reserve lineman or linebacker.

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