Browns Interested In Giants LT Nate Solder?

With their Trent Williams efforts looking likely to come up short, the Browns may be looking at another NFC East tackle. They are interested in Giants left tackle Nate Solder, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweets.

While it would be a major salary to take on, Solder is a proven left tackle who would upgrade Cleveland’s offensive line. The Giants signed Solder to a four-year, $62MM deal, reshaping the tackle market in 2018. Solder, the centerpiece of Dave Gettleman‘s aggressive overhaul of Big Blue’s offensive front, has not lived up to this contract and is signed through 2021.

The Browns made two deals (though they were categorized as one) with the Giants this offseason, acquiring Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon. Cleveland took New York’s second- and third-biggest contracts in doing so. Solder’s now sits second on the Giants’ payroll, in terms of AAV, behind only Eli Manning.

Cleveland’s line has struggled throughout 2019, even though Pro Football Focus tabs Greg Robinson as its No. 25 tackle (Solder sits 35th). But the Browns managed to release their starting left tackle in a preseason procedural move and were able to re-sign him quickly, indicating the rest of the league’s lack of interest in the former No. 2 overall pick. PFF grades right tackle Chris Hubbard, a 2018 Browns addition, as a bottom-tier tackle.

This has been the top Williams potential destination, but the Redskins have stonewalled the Browns. Interest in Solder’s massive contract would illustrate John Dorsey‘s desire to upgrade at tackle. This is Solder’s age-31 season. The former Patriot’s cap number spikes to a whopping $19.5MM in 2021. The Giants have not been mentioned among the seller contingent, but at 2-5, it would make sense for New York to consider it.

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15 comments on “Browns Interested In Giants LT Nate Solder?

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    CLE gave up Kevin Zeitler in the Vernon deal. Someone who could have been useful on a poor OL. Now they want an underachieving left tackle with a big contract and they’re willing to give up precious draft picks for him? The Browns will be back in the basement soon enough with such a strategy. Just for a slim playoff shot… not worth it.

    • Agreed, Solder isn’t very good relative to the contract he signed. Don’t do the giants a favor… and Vernon isn’t very good either. Was for the deal when made, but now would rather have Zeitler and just hang on to the useless Ogbah instead of playing Vernon’s slow a.

      • Perksy

        Because of the salary I don’t think they’d have to give up much picks wise. I’m just wondering since he is in year 2 how that would work in terms of salary cap for both teams? With singing bonus involved and everything.

  2. RockHauler

    As a Giants fan, I would love it if Cleveland took Solder off our hands. I would say Solder and a 5th rounder in exchange for a 3rd or 4th rounder would do it.

  3. Black Ace57

    What the hell are the Browns doing? They finally put themselves into a position to not be a joke and this season they are doing everything they can to destroy that progress.

  4. Natergater77

    I remember being disappointed when the Browns signed Dorsey and the Giants ended up with Gettleman.

    Now I’m watching Gets continue to fleece Dorsey, if they get anything better than a 4th for Solder it’s a steal.

    • Yes, it doesn’t really make any sense to put Daniel Jones behind a turnstile line of journeymen. Solder’s salary is cheap if it allows the Giants to let Jones play out the season.

      Otherwise if trading Solder, bench Jones and throw Manning to the wolves.

  5. playicy

    Solder has a bad year w/ the giants and don’t see the 31 year old left tackle do any better w/ a different scenery, but brown do need a tackle better than Robinson and solder isn’t that guy to do that at left tackle foreseeable future

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