Dolphins Discussing Kenyan Drake Trade

Running back Kenyan Drake could be on the move. The Dolphins have had trade conversations about him with teams and they would be willing to deal him if the right offer presented itself, Ian Rapoport of tweets

Drake was in extension talks with Miami not long ago, but there has been no momentum on that front since training camp. Meanwhile, Drake would welcome a new opportunity, RapSheet hears (video link).

A deal would make plenty of sense for both parties. Drake is playing out the final year of his contract, doing so for a Dolphins team that underwent a radical philosophy change this year. Miami is 0-5 and has one of the worst point differentials through five games in NFL history.

The former third-round pick out of Alabama has not rushed for 50 yards in a game this season and is averaging a career-worst 3.7 yards per carry behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines. The Dolphins still gave him a team-high 16 touches in Week 6 but used Mark Walton as their starter.

Drake, 25, totaled 1,012 yards from scrimmage last season. Despite sharing backfield duties with Frank Gore, Drake scored nine touchdowns in 2018. This may be a better way to evaluate the running back as opposed to judging his work on this year’s rebuilding Dolphin outfit. The Dolphins, though, are not under the impression they would get much back in a Drake trade. They received a fourth-round pick from the Eagles for Jay Ajayi in 2017.

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15 comments on “Dolphins Discussing Kenyan Drake Trade

  1. Tmandolfan

    The gross mismanagement of the roster continues. This is the same front office that traded Jarvis Landry for Durham Smythe…..

    • To be fair Landry was on the franchise tag and I think the main reason for the trade was that they didn’t want to pay Landry what he was looking for. Landry isn’t an elite receiver so the pause to give him a big contract made sense. The Browns made him the 5th highest paid WR in the league when they traded for him (and is currently around 10th in WR’s AAV) so that’s a steep price to pay for a guy who isn’t even a top 10 receiver.

      And while I think the Dolphins should keep Drake, it doesn’t seem like he is going to be anything more than a slightly above average RB. Whether that is because of inept coaching staffs, by his own fault, or a bit of both who knows but if the Dolphins were able to get a Day 1 or 2 pick for him, I think they should make that deal.

    • I give no fox

      Except it wasn’t like that at all. Mike Tannebum was in charge at that time. Also, Landry was leaving as a FA anyway or playing under the franchise tag. Maybe they recoup a 3rd rounder in a comp pick but a 4th and 7th now is about the same as a 3rd the following year

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      The Dolphins FO is on a mission to purge the roster of any ounce of talent it has, that way there’s no chance they luck into a win this season.

      There have been rebuilds; and then there is this thing the Dolphins are doing, which is a complete joke. If I’m Tua, I ain’t leaving college to step into that mess.

      • kevin

        well the dolphins have been doing great in past years at those rebuild right . seriously the past dolphins for years bought FAs spent tons on them in a rebuild and each rebuild has been the same all those years and 1 fluke playoff game .they end up getting middle of the draft picks . so how do u rebuild this time if all the other times did crap . u gotta do it thu the draft and trade all ur vets except a few then u trade all ur good players out of ur rebuild window . then u set ur prices high of ur younger good players or ones with good potential. then someone is willing to pay u the huge prices u set u do it . and young players in a contract year that’s not the guys u brought in u need to see if they want to be here and if they want to extend and if it don’t line up u trade em and get something rather then let em walk for free. it sucks but u gotta try this rebuild as the others have failed and it’s not like we were one coach or one player away from the sb .

  2. I think Drake is a good back, would be nice to see him on another team and I am sure the Dolphins want something for him.

    Which teams make sense? Eagles to some extent, maybe the Rams if Gurley’s injuries are persistent?

    Full disclosure, picked up Drake off the waiver wire a couple weeks ago in my fantasy league.

    • kylewait89

      So the eagles use Sanders, Sproles, Howard. I don’t see any losing carries to the guy.

      Rams might but then it defeats the purpose of drafting Henderson who presumably actually knows the offense.

      He honestly doesn’t make sense many places. Jacksonville has no real backup. Oakland, Detroit, Tampa Bay….really his value wont get higher this year. So it’s either sit in Miami for the year and hope they rebuild a line or walk and find a team next year. Really his best earning potential is likely in Miami where his career might die.

      • Kenyan Drake is better than every RB on the Eagles roster. Eagles shouldn’t trust that Sproles can stay healthy at his age either. I can’t think of any other team where Drake would be a clear upgrade. Maybe the Ravens to compliment Ingram. Or maybe the Saints if Kamara is going to miss some time. Either way, if you can upgrade the RB position for a conditional 5th/6th round pick, teams would do it.

        • kylewait89

          Based on what? Sanders has looked good recently and Howard is averaging 4.5 ypc. And their OL isn’t great this year either. So the Eagles should trade to upgrade their 3rd RB? That’s a waste when RB isn’t their current problem.

          And you clearly don’t watch football if you think Baltimore needs someone to compliment Ingram. Because Edwards is better than Drake. So again you’re suggesting they trade to upgrade their 3rd running back who happens to be a rookie. Teams don’t trade draft capital to upgrade their 3rd back. Good teams don’t.

  3. Flharfh

    After years of mediocrity it’s hard to blame Miami for tearing it down to the studs and rebuilding. I do feel bad for Josh Rosen though, he doesn’t stand much of a chance on that team.

  4. Sports

    They’re keen on Walton. Trade drake get a pick or two. He’s not worth extension money with a dilapidated front line.
    Probably draft another RB. Smart move. They’ll have a ton of $$ to spend in 2020 which they claim to be going all in for once they get Tua or Herbert. I support these moves.

    • Dolfan4life

      Yeah Walton seems like he has better vision.. I dont trust ballage think Drake should be traded if we trying 2 manage a cost effective roster building through depth. Pre season it was a Drake or Ballage debate. I say lose drake, ballage is developmental player costing us nothing same as our starter walton. I dont see the need 2 draft another rb we still have our rb pick from last year Gaskins that’s got no chance yet… more importantly we have who I say should back Walton laird on the roster

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