Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett’s Job Is Safe

The Cowboys are 3-2 after dropping their last two contests, but Jason Garrett isn’t on the hot seat, owner Jerry Jones says (Twitter link via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News). 

He’s done a great job with this team. As you saw yesterday, he had this team playing hard when on a lot of teams that game could’ve gotten real ugly when it was (31-3),” Jones pointed out this week, in addition to saying that Garrett is “absolutely not” in jeopardy of losing his job.

Garrett’s job security has frequently been the subject of speculation since he took over as the Cowboys’ head coach during the 2010 season. To date, he has an 80-59 record in Dallas, but has yet to get the Cowboys past the divisional round. Last year, the Cowboys were sent packing by the Rams, who went on to play the Patriots in a remarkably boring Super Bowl.

At 3-2, the Cowboys are knotted up with the Eagles for the NFC East’s leading record. On Oct. 2o (two NFL weeks from now), they’ll have an opportunity to gain some ground.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett’s Job Is Safe

  1. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    I hope hes lying through those fake yellow teeth of his…

    • CursedRangers

      All of his face lifts make it hard to tell what his true thoughts are.

  2. metsie1

    As a Packer fan, I wholeheartedly endorse the continuation of Jason Garrett as HC of the ‘Boys. I also cannot wait to see good old Jerry pony up $30M for my guy Dak. He’s a wonderful QB who is very generous to our DB’s. I also love the chubby little running back who seems to eat more with his belly protruding through his too short shirt. Man, keep thing exactly as they are!

  3. upstart17

    Why the Cowboys don’t win with the talent they have will always be an enigma to me

  4. Boston2AZ

    Thank you, PFR, for giving us your daily update on the safety of Jason Garret’s job. Many of us wait breathlessly for the news.

  5. JJB0811

    I read somewhere that he could be considered for the Skins opening. Talk about one heck of a story, working for JJ then Dan!

  6. twentyforty

    Jerry, that was total domination. The NFL made the game closer at the end, not Jason Garrett.

  7. robertltjr

    Let’s see what happens with the Jets; anything less than a blowout would tell us all need to know.

  8. kevin

    garret’s job should be safe unless he goes on to have 4 or 5 losing seasons. just cuz he hasn’t won the big one doest mean anything. I mean y would u fire a guy that’s got a good track record just cuz he can’t win the big one . if u do then most likely ull get a new hc that wants to rebuild or bring in his people and players and u get a bunch of season of nothing unless ur that small percentage that hit coaching gold . I’m not a fan of the Cowboys either

  9. crosseyedlemon

    So job security in Dallas requires a coach to create a 28 point deficit before waking up his players? Even Hue Jackson could manage to do that.

  10. Paul1989

    Sorry Dallas fans, but Jerruh can’t have anyone that wants to be in charge. Can’t wait to see what he pays the second coming of Brady.

  11. bpflyers1

    If this guy is such a great coach, why did it take the Cowboys over a half to start playing with intensity against the Pack!

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