Jets’ Blake Cashman Done For Year

Jets rookie linebacker Blake Cashman is done for the year with a shoulder injury, a source tells Brian Costello of the New York Post (on Twitter). Cashman suffered the injury in practice on Thursday and the severity of the shoulder malady was instantly apparent to team doctors. 

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Cashman, a fifth-round pick out of Minnesota, slipped down the draft boards due to a history of shoulder trouble in college. This year, he got an opportunity to play while C.J. Mosley was out with a groin injury. Mosley still has at least five weeks to go before he can return, so the Jets are left especially thin in the LB group.

In other Jets news: safety Jamal Adams is fed up with the team after they discussed possible trades for him this week. The deadline is now in the rear view mirror, but Adams isn’t quite sure about whether he wants to roll with Gang Green beyond 2019.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Jets’ Blake Cashman Done For Year

  1. af1257

    From what I read the Jets were asking a king’s ransom for Adams, which nobody bit on. So to me, if your name is tossed around because you’re on a team that will not make the postseason, and the team makes unreasonable demands for you, isn’t that more or less then saying you’re not available? I’m sure if a team was willing to agree to the Jets terms for ANY PLAYER on the roster they’d have made a move. Adams was priced so far out of the market nobody was even close to dealing. Take it as a compliment, albeit a back handed one but a compliment all the same.

  2. JJB0811

    This new generation can get their feeling hurt so easily. Baker walked out on a reporter, then uses SM to ‘tell his side’. Adams is worried that the head office people took calls. Grow up ‘adults’ getting fired and finding new jobs is part of life.

    • findingnimmo

      Well said! And just because you were listening to offers or even actively seeking a trade, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t wanted. You just might be a talent that is wasted on a team going nowhere and is a valuable piece to get more help back. Has nothing to do with disrespecting anyone. It’s a job, grow up, don’t be a sensitive snowflake, and prove your worth on the field, not with your mouth. Barry sanders, Terrell Davis, Curtis Martin, all prime examples of football players better than most if not all competitors at their time and they acted professionally and did their job.

      • whynot

        Isn’t it interesting that you are acting like a snowflake by flipping out over something that should have no importance in your life

      • phenomenalajs

        I’m not 100% sure with Barry Sanders. Didn’t he walk away from the game over a contract dispute with Detroit? I may be wrong about that but he walked away early when it wasn’t as common a thing to do over health risks.

          • findingnimmo

            Exactly andremets. And even if he did have a dispute and walked away, more power to him. No problem with walking away silently and professionally.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    It’s never a great day when your headline and lead story get totally ignored…lol.

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