Patrick Mahomes Suffers Knee Injury

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, already battling an ankle issue, left Thursday night’s contest against the Broncos after suffering a knee injury on a quarterback sneak. Kansas City ruled Mahomes out for the rest of tonight’s game but provided no further update on his status.

Mahomes suffered a patella (kneecap) dislocation, tweets James Palmer of While the star signal-caller didn’t suffer a break, Mahomes will need to wait for the results of an MRI to reveal if he damaged any ligaments, per Palmer.

The defending league MVP, Mahomes is arguably the brightest spot in today’s NFL, and losing him for any period of time would be a blow for the league as a whole. The Chiefs, who hold a half-game lead over the Raiders in the AFC West, have turned to backup Matt Moore to hold down the fort in Mahomes’ absence.

Mahomes, 24, wowed during his first season as Kansas City’s starter, leading the league in touchdown passes, adjusted yards per attempt, and ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating. Heading into Week 7, Mahomes was first among all NFL passers with 2,104 yards through the air, and while regression and his aforementioned ankle injury had put a damper on some of his production, he’d still posted 14 touchdown passes against only one interception.

If Mahomes is forced to miss time, the Chiefs would need to lean on rushing attack lead by Damien Williams and LeSean McCoy, a duo that’s played a part in Kansas City ranking just 20th in Football Outsiders’ rushing DVOA. The Chiefs’ defense, which has performed decently against the pass but is sieve against the run, would also need to step up if Mahomes is sidelined.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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48 comments on “Patrick Mahomes Suffers Knee Injury

  1. Ironman_4life

    What idiot would call a quarterback sneak with a quarterback who’s already hurt. Im getting mad at this team. This team should be better.

    • Steezy

      I hate to “break” it to you, but the knee cap is not a part of the ankle

    • I hate to “break” it to you as well but Mahomes could of very well called that play himself! He has been known to do that before!

    • jonnyzuck

      Brady and his old bones are much more at risk for an injury getting hit than mahomes with his ankle and the Patriots QB sneak all tge time

  2. skrockij89

    If he’s out for the year. I expect them to go out and get Mariota. Should still be able to win that division.

    • DaBeav

      Come on man. Don’t say that….. it’s gotta at least be a 96er like the one in The Great Outdoors

  3. imindless

    Definately same injury as wentz and rg3 look at his knee buckle as he walks on it. Wont come back the same

    • Definitely NOT the same if you listen to the Fox announcers talk about what they say/what they were told ect…..!

      • lucienbel

        Definitely not going to decide if it isn’t or is the same injury based on what I saw or some announcers say they said. Internal injuries require radiology scans to determine what an injury is. In this case, an MRI for ligaments and soft tissue.

  4. phillyballers

    Madden Curse still a live and well. Might as well mandate they use HOF inductees.

  5. phillyballers

    Andy Reid always sounds like he’s been running up a flight of stairs when he talks.

  6. You know, all you “fans” talking trash on the play calling on this call…… Have you forgotten that on many occasions Mahomes will change the play call last second because he sees something and calls his own play????????? If you were a REAL CHIEFS FAN, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT AMD WOULDN’T BE SITTING HERE TALKING TRASH ON THEM!!!!! Makes me sick!!

  7. hersch

    It was a displaced kneecap and that means there could be damage to his ligaments. No one will know how long he’s out until they see the results of the MRI. The ligaments are either going to be torn or stretched. If torn then he’s done for the year. If they’re only stretched then it depends on the severity as to how long he’ll be out. All of this means that NO one on here can possibly know if he’s definitely out for the year or definitely back this season. We all will have to wait for the results of the MRI. So there’s no point in arguing with each other about this. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, if I own Mahomes in my fantasy league then I’m immediately putting in a claim for Moore. He’s a very capable QB and will be just fine for however long he’s in there.

    • jleve618

      Exactly. I’ve known someone whos knee would pop out all the time and it was no big deal, and another person whos knee popped out once and every single ligament tore. He is the only person who knows how much pain he is in.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Meanwhile the league is eager to expand to 17 or 18 game schedules, creating more chances for franchise players to get injured. I guess there is some distorted logic to it all.

    • bush5104

      Uhhh, no…because if you knew what the actual intentions were with 17/18 games a year, you’d know that the players would still only dress for 16, therefore have to be, at best, a healthy scratch for 1/2 games each year.

      Sooo, there’s zero chance for additional injury.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I’m aware that of that healthy scratch suggestion but I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell of it ever being adopted. What coach would want to have to sit a healthy key player when a playoff spot was on the line? If his team lost the fans would crucify him and he’d most likely be looking for another job.

  9. DarkSide830

    i never want anyone to get injured, but this does make things more interesting.

  10. I traded him to my brother just before the game for Watson and Shady, and picked up Moore during it, man is he pissed

  11. Edmund Dantes

    Andy Reid can eat big game, but he can’t win big games. Also, defense wins championships and KC’s defense is very suspect…

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