Patrick Mahomes Ruled Out Vs. Packers

Patrick Mahomes will not suit up on Sunday night against the Packers. Coach Andy Reid confirmed that Matt Moore will get the start in place of Mahomes.

There remains no timetable for the MVP to return to the field. While there were fears that he may miss the season, it appears that Mahomes will return to the lineup at some point over the next few weeks.

Moore completed 10-of-19 passes in relief of Mahomes last week for the Chiefs. He accumulated 117 passing yards. Kyle Shurmur is the back-up to Moore.

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6 comments on “Patrick Mahomes Ruled Out Vs. Packers

    • JDC

      Well with him practicing this week some people were starting to wonder………. It would of been STUPID if they let him play Sunday!!!

  1. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Moore…or less. KC was looking unstoppable out of the gates but then Mahomes hurts his ankle and the kryptonite was exposed.

    • greg7274

      The kryptonite was exposed?
      Mahomes ankle was just the feather that broke the camel’s back.
      They’ve been without 2 O-linemen, including the LT Eric Fisher, most of the year…they’ll be back soon.
      And they’ve been without 2 of the front 7 on defense, including all-pro Chris Jones, for a few games now… it’s a little more unclear when they’ll be back.
      So please check yourself with the attempted narrative that Patrick Mahomes was the only injury that made the Chiefs vulnerable.
      They’re down 5 key players right now, with a CB playing hurt.
      With those other guys healthy and without Mahomes, theyd be favored vs GB and MIN…
      …and with Mahomes but still without the others, theyd also still be favored…
      …without ALL of them? yes, vulnerable.
      If all 5 are healthy it’s no contest until the Patriots, and they would have beaten Indy and Houston.
      Kryptonite?… get real…
      Remove the same 5 positions from ANY team in the NFL, including the precious Patriots, and they lose some games.

    • greg7274

      Also, keep in mind how many games they’ve been without their WR1 and WR2.
      They got Tyreek back just a couple weeks ago, and Watkins returns this week.

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