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Another day, another nugget on Redskins left tackle Trent Williams. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reports (via Twitter) that the Redskins are refusing to trade the seven-time Pro Bowler this season. This somewhat echoes a report from earlier this week that indicated that the Redskins continue to “stonewall” inquiring teams.

However, Washington has reportedly told potential suitors that they would explore a trade this offseason. The rationale is that the front office will have clarity on other teams’ draft positions. With the team sitting at 1-5, the Redskins believe they have nothing to gain by trading Williams right now. Understanding where prospective draft-pick acquisitions fall will allow them to opt for the best possible offer.

However, despite the Redskins apparent assertion that they won’t be trading Williams, that hasn’t stopped the Browns from aggressively pursuing him. Garafolo notes that Browns general manager John Dorsey has inquired on Williams every week for the past month and a half. Dorsey previously said that “it takes two to tango” when discussing a Williams trade, indicating the Redskins aren’t especially interested in moving the lineman.

Williams, 31, has spent all nine years of NFL career in the nation’s capital. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Williams is under contract through next season. He’s due the remainder of a $10.85MM base salary in 2019 and $12.5MM in 2020.

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20 comments on “Latest On Trent Williams

  1. duffy126

    Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder continue to prove they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

    • jay1947

      Agree100%. They are the worst which is why this lifelong fan is now searching for a new team to follow. What they, especially Allen, have done to this once proud franchise is a crime

    • badco44

      I think just about everyone in Wash agrees Snyder has ruined this team period… Allen needs to go

  2. of9376

    Why wouldn’t they trade him for a pick considering he will not play for Washington?

      • baberuthbomber8

        The only reason I could think of is dealing Williams to someone like the Browns would lower the likely pick, say CLE is an 8-8 team without Williams, and if adding Williams makes CLE an 9-7 team the pick will be lower.

        The teams wanting Williams will not change in the offseason, but the difference is know Team A is locked into Pick #? Compared to Team B with pick#X

        • TJECK109

          Or perhaps they want to wait till the off season when there could be more potential suitors

        • saluelthpops

          The problem is, won’t teams likely to pick in the upper half of the draft be less likely to give up their draft capital?

  3. Whateverworks77

    They want to hold onto him with a loaded OT draft class coming out….maybe then they get a 4th rounder….brilliant

    • kylewait89

      Loaded OT draft class? There is one guy who is projected in round one. Then a handful who are projected as late as round 3.

      They would still easily snag a first with a guaranteed draft position instead of trading and seeing a team do what Dallas did.

  4. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    According to the article, “He’s due the remainder of a $10.85MM base salary in 2019…”

    Is Washington still paying him? I guess I assumed he wasn’t being paid while he refuses to play. Anybody know?

    • afsooner02

      Not being paid while he sits out….but if he’s traded, he will be paid remainder of that salary.

    • Dorothy_Mantooth

      Not only is he not being paid, he is getting fined on a daily basis. Last I heard, he had accrued over $2.5M in fines from the team, so he really must be unhappy to take such a financial risk!

      Not surprised at all to see Snyder completely botch this situation. It’s a d*ck measuring contest right now and Synder refuses to lose it because that’s the type of guy he is!

  5. MC Tim C

    I think the Redskins are a poorly run franchise, but Williams is giving up $10.5 million for…what exactly?

  6. JJB0811

    It’s a one sided argument. What did the Browns offer, a 6th? I’m not pro Redskins, believe me I have 0 use for Snyder. Just saying they turned down a deal, doesn’t mean it was a good-great deal.

  7. greg7274

    What a bunch of clueless morons.
    Hello… offseason… that’s when all of free agency happens, along with the draft.
    You have NO competition on the market right now. In the offseason you’re competing with every free agent lineman out there.
    Why would a team trade you picks in the offseason, when they can just draft a couple cheaper linemen with those picks… or sign a free agent and still HAVE those picks?
    …dumb, dumb, dumb

  8. vacommish

    I was all for not reading him in the off-season and early season as you can’t buckle to player demands. However, like the Jags just showed us, there is a time when you need to take action. And get a big return while there is a return to be had. If they wait until the post season, they are competing against free agents, the draft, and other trades and won’t get the big return they should get. Time to be aggressive.

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