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The Redskins continue to “stonewall” rival clubs that have inquired on the availability of left tackle Trent Williams, according to Albert Breer of (Twitter link), who adds Williams’ trade value is difficult to ascertain given that Washington hasn’t truly engaged in any substantive conversations with other teams.

Just last week, Redskins president Bruce Allen reiterated his club has not had any “dialogue with any other team” regarding Williams and indicated Washington is not actively shopping the veteran offensive lineman. The Redskins have long maintained that they have no interest in dealing Williams despite his season-long holdout and his displeasure with the team.

The Browns have been mentioned as a likely suitor for Williams in the event he does become available, and despite Allen’s assertion, Cleveland has had talks with Washington about Williams. Asked today about his talks with the Redskins, Browns general manager John Dorsey said, “We’ve had a few conversations,” as Jeremy Fowler of tweets. However, Dorsey also said “it takes two to tango,” once again indicating the Redskins aren’t especially interested in moving Williams.

Cleveland is currently deploying Greg Robinson at left tackle, but that could soon change. Robinson either has been or will soon be benched, reports Mary Kay Cabot of Pro Football Focus grades Robinson as the No. 22 tackle among 73 qualifiers, the former No. 2 overall pick doesn’t have a record of above-average production. As a unit, the Browns offensive line ranks 19th in adjusted line yards and 24th in adjusted sack rate, per Football Outsiders, but ninth in pressure rate allowed.

Williams, 31, has spent all nine years of NFL career in the nation’s capital. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Williams is under contract through next season. He’s due the remainder of a $10.85MM base salary in 2019 and $12.5MM in 2020.

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33 comments on “Latest On Redskins OT Trent Williams

  1. ghostrobot

    To the niners for a third round pick in 2026 and the rights to jarryd hayne

  2. sufferfortribe

    To Cleveland for a third, Njoku, and a lifetime pass to the Rock n Roll HOF.

  3. hammer_time24

    I would say I’m surprised that this franchise absolutely refuses to trade him, when it is clear he won’t play another down for them, and the team is going nowhere. They should trade him while he still has value. However, this front office isn’t one that is known for making smart moves.

    • crazylarry

      Bruce Allen is an idiot so far in over his head and to be teamed with Daniel Snyder. That team has all hope lost

      • badco44

        Got to agree watching this mess for 20 years… stupid is that stupid does…and these guys don’t have a clue! Period!

    • lucienbel

      Agreed. They should get rid of him while he has value. Cleveland is looking like a team that will be picking toward the middle of the draft, so it’s not like the pick you get is right at the bottom either.

  4. phillyballers

    They need someone to protect Haskins while he is on the bench.

    • Black Ace57

      As a Philly fan I’m happy that the Redskins are a dumpster fire, but as an Ohio State fan I hope Haskins has a good career. Same with Zeke. I’m glad the Cowboys look bad, but I basically root for Zeke to run for 150 yards per game but lose. I guess I wish the Iggles had more Ohio State players lol.

  5. dustyceltics

    I agree with phillyballers Williams has to protect Haskins on the bench those fans they start throwing stuff when their not happy

  6. Rich

    Williams and 1st to Steelers for Tomlin and a bag of food from Primanti Brothers.

    • badco44

      This team has poor talent at the skilled positions and you want draft picks for a coach… there dumb enough to do it!

    • Michael Chaney

      I’d probably trade a first for a bag of Primanti Brothers alone. Incredible sandwiches.

  7. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    The Redskins are acting like idiot teenaged jilted lovers… “If we can’t have you, NOBODY can have you.” That’s even less smart in business than it is in soap operas…

    • Polish Hammer

      Or if I cave in to one guy then I have 52 others wanting to be catered to…

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I guess it IS hard to imagine the other 52 not wanting out of that mess… but there comes a time when you’re going to get absolute zero out of a player unless you trade him. Nobody is winning here.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          It’s an unwinnable situation for all involved.

          Williams doesn’t win by sitting out because he loses money, and at some point he’s going to be forced to report or retire. Awkward.

          The Redskins don’t win by sitting him, but it’s also hard to see them winning by trading him. He’s a franchise LT. Dude should be worth a 1st and a player, or two firsts. Do they get that? I don’t know. If they don’t, I can’t imagine you’re looking at a happy fanbase.

          I don’t know how they get out of their mess unless the Browns get desperate, or the Redskins and Williams work together to resolve their issues. Since the latter requires sense, which the ‘Skins FO ain’t got, they better be rooting for more Browns losses.

  8. echozulu88

    Dan Snyder and Co. are desperately trying to find something comprising against T. Williams and leak it anonymously so they can justify to the fanbase for moving on from him.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Do you have inside information? I can believe that about them. Lol.

    • coltsrocker1

      if they do that successfully, it also greatly diminishes Williams’ value.. maybe to a 3rd

  9. jjabrony

    They are going to use Trent as a trade piece to get Tomlin. Silly but that’s probably why they aren’t entertaining any offers before the deadline. They want the move to happen in the offseason as I’m sure the Steelers would want as well

  10. Thronson5

    Nothing shocks me with the Redskins. It’s actually sad how they are ran

  11. Matthew Heywood

    How they haven’t traded him yet shows why this team will never win with Snyder owning the team

  12. unclemike1525

    They’re going to trade him to Treadstone for Jason Bourne and Nikki Parsons.

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