Antonio Brown “Determined” To Return To NFL

On Thursday, Antonio Brown lashed out at the NFL via social media and vowed to “never play” football again. Then, later in the day, he scrubbed those tweets and posts and told his followers that while he is “very frustrated,” he remains “determined” to return to the NFL.

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Brown was left in limbo for a long time by the NFL, but there’s finally movement in his investigation. The wide receiver will meet with the league next week to discuss allegations of sexual assault and, reportedly, Brown is eager to give his side of the story.

Brown, one of the most accomplished offensive players in NFL history, has been accused of sexual misconduct by two different women. Teams still want to sign Brown, but they’re looking for clarity on his situation (suspension or no suspension) before signing him. If Brown is not suspended by the NFL, he’ll stand as the biggest potential upgrade on the open market for the final stretch of the season.

Meanwhile, Brown is battling for nearly $40MM in lost wages from the Patriots and Raiders.

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42 comments on “Antonio Brown “Determined” To Return To NFL

  1. lucienbel

    Sounds like he should get off social media entirely if he has any interest of getting back into the NFL.

    • MajorLeague79

      I was thinking g the exact same thing. He is literally his own worst enemy.

    • goatsoup

      Everyone else should get off social media. Then he does not have too. The world would benefit from it.

    • CubsRebsSaints

      I bet his agent has begged and begged and begged him to get off social media, completely. You can’t tell him shhhhht!

  2. emac22

    How pathetic are NFL owners that any of them would sign such a low life?

  3. baseball10

    Nfl should not let him back in. And what team would want to? He would quit after one bad game

  4. Stat

    I can’t stand this guy anymore but the NFL continues to show that if you have talent then someone will take you. Just hope it’s not the team I root for

  5. Dwindy1

    So Antonio is determined to poison yet another team? Who is that hard up?

  6. imindless

    Raiders havent missed a beat, neither have pats. Hope this loon never plays another down, needs to be check for cte after that hit by burfict!

      • dave13

        No they are not… the Pats still own their second round pick and they signed him as a free agent after OAK released him. They didn’t trade for him, but yeah.

  7. Black Ace57

    I’m determined to date a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. I think I have just as good a chance of that happening.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Geez…that’s a scary thought. I wonder if he even has the brains to read a thermometer.

  8. phillyvseverybody

    Eagles. Just come in, catch the ball, and keep your mouth shut.

  9. itslonelyatthetrop

    I sense this is financially driven more than anything else.

  10. Max Jackson

    Well, he’s quickly becoming the poster child of twitter abuse for the 21st century.

  11. steelshu

    I don’t think this is about $$$$. It’s more about his ego. Like some said, he is his worst enemy and he will not listen to you unless you agree with him.

  12. 58camsnightmares

    Millions in talent, one cent head.

    Dude can’t stop shooting himself in the foot over, and over, and over….

    Not making himself look intelligent or educated with his comments either.

  13. Roll

    Can teams sign him with if he chooses to quit or has specific issues built into the contract (ie legal troubles or non football related issues) he would owe the team money? This would be something i think needs to be in his contract and pre approved by the nflpa.

  14. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “AB, if you really want to play in the NFL, can you control your behavior?”

    “Yeah, man, I can. Hey! NO WAY! Screw the NFL! They need me more than I need them! Wait. Sorry. Yes, yes I can. I’ll behave and be productive. Just remember, y’all can KISS MY BUTT!”

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