Current 2020 NFL Draft Order

With 10 full weeks of the NFL season in the books, the 2020 draft order is beginning to take shape. Here’s the rundown of where things would stand if the 2018 season ended today:

1. Bengals (0-9)

2. Redskins (1-8)

3. Giants (2-8)

4. Jets (2-7)

5. Dolphins (2-7)

6. Falcons (2-7)

7. Broncos (3-6)

8. Buccaneers (3-6)

9. Browns (3-6)

10. Cardinals (3-6-1)

11. Lions (3-5-1)

12. Chargers (4-6)

13. Jaguars (4-5)

14. Raiders (via Bears) (4-5)

15. Titans (5-5)

16. Colts (5-4)

17. Eagles (5-4)

18. Jaguars (via Rams) (5-4)

19. Panthers (5-4)

20. Raiders (5-4)

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11 comments on “Current 2020 NFL Draft Order

  1. gozurman1

    As of right now, so much for the Naysayers who said that the Steelers were silly for trading a #1 for Fitzpatrick because it was assumed that the Steelers could be in the top 5 picks in the draft at the time. Times change.

    • saluelthpops

      If you’re going to qualify your statement by saying “as of right now”, then those you refer to would have also been very much correct when making previous statements. When those statements were made the Steelers were picking in the top 5 “as of then”. Great turn-around by the Steelers. The fact is your statement is correct, but so were the statements made in week 4.

    • mitchrapp

      Dear Raider Nation,
      Won’t be a problem, as bad as things look in Oakland you’ll have two top ten picks

      • Steezy

        Obviously you know nothing about the raiders. There’s no way they end up with a top 10 pick..they’ve got 5 wins and take a look who they play the rest of the season. Have fun watching them win more games raider hater!

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